How to write a great research paper?

A research paper is one of the form of the academic writing which has information collected on a particular topic through the certain process of intensive research and its analysis and findings are interpreted. The research documents is so designed to provide proofs, evidence and help to reach out a conclusion. The research paper includes details about research title, author details, abstract, problem statements, limitations of study, discuss about research methodology, data analysis and conclusion & finding. with recommendation. Here are few points that makes a research paper look great!
How to write a great research paper?-- Process
Research Paper preparation process

Way to write a great Research paper

  1. Choose the topic that interest you, challenge you or are curious about but sometimes the availability of funding sources and assistance can determine your research topic.
  2. Find the related information about the subject of interest on the internet or other offline sources like journals, books, newspapers, periodicals, magazines. While searching for the information on the internet depend on the reliable sources like .gov sites, .edu sites, google scholar, research gate and be careful about some of the .com sites which may contain product promotion only while others may have great content.
  3. Organize the outline of the research paper carefully. It may be both formal and informal. Generally, students are required to submit formal outlines of their research paper. Good outline is the most important step in making a paper look great.
  4. Organize every information you collected from the both primary and secondary sources and analyze your data being able to clearly articulate the research outcomes and findings.
  5. Information which is not relevant to the topic of research should be avoided.
  6. Citing the information wherever necessary is the another most important aspect of the good paper writing. Words should be written as far as possible in your own way to avoid plagiarism.
  7. Frequent check and recheck is very essential during the research paper writing process to make sure that the topic, objective, research problem, analysis are aligned or related and if any grammatical errors present.

The research paper is an academic writing done in various professional fields. This paper gives audience the opporunity to think about some issues seriously. The research should present researcher's own opinion and thinking backed up by other's ideas and information.