Way to Godawari

Godawari a natural touristic destination close to Kathmandu valley urban in Lalitpur district. The municipality is located name after it called as Godawari Municipality of Bagmati Zone in central Nepal Provience No. 3. Godwari Municipality was formed in year 2014 merging five village development committees including Godawari. It is one of the popular hiking destinations among the hikers. Godawari is rich in biodiversity with natural environment. The botanical garden developed provides habitat to different plants, birds and trees.
Way to Godawari -- Godawari

Godawari Tour

Godawari tour can be done in a friend's circle with package or non-package tour. Godawari is a garden of dreams for the bird watcher and the bird habitating that area. The tour to Godawari provides the opportunity to explore Godawari Botanical Garden of Nepal alone with bird watching. Godawari is not that far city center only 11 km east of Lalitpur's Lagankhe which is 14 kms south of Kathmandu. The rushing streams and shady meadows of Godawari is popular for picnic during holidays, also appropriate area for family to spend time, special spot for dating and site for birds watching. Noticeable collection of orchids, cacti and ferns are available around. The peaceful path leads to Godavari Kunda, a spring that pours water from the mountain to the Godawari river. Pilgrims participate from around the country there in temple at Godawari for huge festival "Maha Kumbhamela" celebration once every twelve-year during autumn season that last for a month.  It was held in 2072 B.S. then held on 2084 B.S. The pure crystal-clear water of Godavari is cold and refresh so people visit to play this water. The greenery and scenic beauty of nature of the park leaves an undeligible imprint on the mind of the visitor and tourist every year. The movies and videos are capture around through the year.

Visitor need to pay entrance fee in the entrance of Godawari Park. 2 hours of uphill hike above Godawari leads to the top of fulchowki hill an exciting tourist venue of Nepal. It provide a suitable and perfect point for complete view of Kathmandu Valley. Another tourist venue from Godawari or Fulchowki is Lakurbhanjyand.

To reached to Godawari you can take bus from Lagankhe which takes one hour to reach out there.