Sample Cover letter for .np Domain Registration

.np domain is a country code top-level domain (ccTLD). Which is free to register to every citizens with in Nepal and any business being operated with in Nepal. To register a .np domain your need to provide your citizenship card for the verification and a cover letter (which is simply a domain registration request application). And writing of cover letter is compulsory. Here we would look about a sample cover letter for .np domain registration and how to generate or write it yourself.
If you are using using Your Hosting Name Server while registering, you are making a terrible mistake. How? When you need to change your hosting service, you need to apply for NS modification and the process is not yet automatic, they need to modify the change which would take 1 - 3 days. So consider using some DNS tools. You can use Godaddy Free DNS tool. Learn more about .np Domain Registration.

Sample cover letter

You cover letter should include your name, the domain your are interested to register, date of your application and some information that that you are illegible for that domain request. If you are registering a domain for your business you should use your official cover letter(Letter Pad) with information of your technician who is helping your business to register your domain.
For individual you can write a simple application letter asking to register a domain name that matches your name. As individual your are allowed to register very few of domain extensions, which include,, Here is a sample cover letter to register

A Cover Letter Sample for Domain Registration

This is not the exact letter what I wrote for the domain registration, back then it was not compulsory. I use a online tool to generate this letter and I will write about this tool too.

How to write Sample Cover letter of .np Domain Registration

As you seen above the cover letter you need to write is totally simple. The key point is you need to write to the HostMaster.
The HostMaster          
NP ccTLD Registration Services          
Mercantile Communications Pvt. Ltd.          
Email: [email protected]         
You Need to include your name, email address and phone no. Inform that your name and the domain name matches. And include that you would like to provide any other necessary information if required. And that's all. Or you can try that online tool that would do all these things for you providing very few information about yourself.

np Domain Cover Letter Generator

There is a simple and light weighted online tool to automatically generate your cover letter, providing the necessary details including the domain name, the domain extension, your email, phone, and name. You can find the tool here Np Domain Registration Cover Letter Generator.

Cover letter Generator
As you can see you can fill this form and your cover letter will be generated right way. Provide your name, email and phone. In the Domain Name section, include the domain name without extension which mean if your are registering include just the name. Select the domain extension from the drop Down Domain Name extension section.


To register a .np CCTLD, which is free for citizens of Nepal. You need to provide a simple cover letter while requesting the domain registration request. You can write a cover letter for your self or use a simple tool to generate cover letter. If it worked for your please share it. And if there is any information you feel messed please write to us. We will be happy to make this information complete and useful. Thanks Hope your cover letter for .np domain registration is easily written or created.

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