Apply Online Application Form for Driving License in Nepal

Notice: Department of Transportation have launched new website to apply for online application form from 30th May, 2022.
You can go to this link:
We would updated how to apply with the step by step procedure in new site. We are working on that. 
For now, you go to that site. Get sign in. Create your account before get proceed for applying the application.

"Nepal is lagging far behind in technological research" is said the Internet Pioneer of Nepal, Mahabir Pun. This reflects Nepal doesn't have a long history of Informational technology and has been a late starter in technology development. Latest Technology trends in Nepal shows several invention and technology that make the life of Nepalese easier, productive and close to modern technology.

The most accelerating technological advancement is observable in information technology. Many systems are converging towards the online system. The government has initiated to provide public services online to make the work faster, efficient, and smarter. Online driving license registration is one of the initiations made to turn public service online. Alonge with that distributing smart license card (machine-readable card) in place old fashioned handwritten analog license.

Apply Online Application Form for Driving Licence in Nepal- Smart License
Sample of Smart Driving License

Online Driving License Application Form in Nepal

At the beginning of 2017, the department of transport management begins to take online driving license registration. So, now, you can fill up the application form for a driving license from home or your workplace. First, you need to go to the link below:

When you go to this link, you can click on ONLINE DRIVING LICENSE REGISTRATION on the given Page. There you need to select the country where you belong to get Nepal driving license. For Nepali it's obviously 'Nepal' and on the second option, you need to select one of the options among in drop-down arrow. Either New License, or Add Category, or License Renew, or Duplicate License. Those who don't have a license before selecting a new license, and those who have a license before and add the license to another category you can select 'Add Category', those who need to renew license need to select 'License Renew' while those who lost and need another nee to choose 'Duplicate License'.

For detailed steps on how to fill-up the form and altogether how to register online driving license follow: 

Smart Driving License in Nepal

For making the work efficient and to bring the system online or smarter, the licenses are distributed connected with the technology. The machine-readable card is prepared to read the information related to the identity of the driver. This technology is helpful to manage records related to driving and to manage traffic with detailed information about drivers. Smart License is machine-readable that gives information about recorded activities previously done by my driver in his/her profile.