Nepali Special Alt + Code Characters

Do you know how to type Nepali characters?
How fluent are you in typing Nepali characters?
Are you in Need of special characters of Nepali characters for learning and for your assigned work?

If you are interested in Nepali characters as Keyboard input, then you are in the perfect place to learn about Nepali Special Characters using; Alt + Code for special characteristics.

I at least know that you have a keen interest to learn Nepali typing. I think most of you have come across practicing Nepali characters those directly available in the keys while typing in Ms-word using Preeti font. I have written a basic character positioning article on Learn Nepali Typing. You can review this in case needed when you have some confusion.
Nepali Special Alt + Code Characters -- Drawing
Alt + Code shortcut for special characters

Now, I like to enter into today's topic about the Nepali Special Alt + Code Character. We need to insert different symbols and Nepali characters during typing different Nepali documents. We have to stick on this for a long time even you are a good typer with English character and have basic knowledge about Nepali characters. Nepali Special Alt + Code Characters are actually the shortcuts used for inserting special characteristics with special code. It reduces the lengthy process and helps to work faster and quicker.

Some of the mainly used characters which are not available in keyboard direct input would be discussed below. At first, I would like to show where the shortcut Alt + codes are available for the character in Ms-Word. For that, you have to open Ms-word in your computer and select Preeti font before starting typing.
Nepali Special Alt + code Character - insert character
Select Preeti font and Click on Insert
Then, Click on Symbol on the Right Side corner there appear characters you last enter in a small rectangle white background box. Then click again on More symbols if there are not symbols or characters you desired to insert. There you get the list of symbols from where you can insert as per your needs.
You have to give well attention to this window. Look thoroughly from the very first beginning top corner to the bottom corner without leaving anything.
Nepali Special Alt + Code Characters -- insert from symbols
Inserting a special character from the symbol
From the above table, you need to notice in 5 special points. First at Symbol then on font Preeti from the down arrow. Now select character (anyone for e.g. ठ्ठ ) then look at shortcut key code Alt + code for future use (e.g. Alt + 0182) and click on Insert.

These steps for inserting Nepali Special Alt + Code Character are ridiculous however better when you don't have any other mean or when you just forget the code for the character. Take help this way of getting code for shortcuts of special Nepali characters.

The list of Alt + Codes is also listed below. I explain the above steps so that you can extract shortcut key code yourself when you don't have access to the given information below in the table.
0132 ध्र
0214 =
0133 ‘ 
0191 रू
0170 ª
0216 Ø
0137 झ् 
0171   «
0198 ” 
0223 द्म
0141 
0161 ज्ञ्
0203 Ë
0229 द्व
0162 द्घ  
0176 °
0204 त्र 
0147 “  
0163 घ् 
0177 +   
0205 Í
0206 Î
0247 ÷
0165 ¥
0151 — 
0167 ट्ट
0182 ठ्ठ 
0210 Ò
Nepali Special Alt + Code Characters
The Alt + keys code in the light orange background gives Nepali characters while others in the light pink background don't give Nepali characters or symbols. You can record these for future work for fluent typing in Nepali.

FAQs on Nepali Special Alt+ Code Characters based on Comments:

Q1. Unable to use alt codes, eg if I'm doing Alt+0170 it's going to file save option? need help?
Reply- Check whether the num lock is on or not, if not on it. And try using the combination keys with the Alt. Make sure whether you use the short or long keyboard (number keys separately). It's a bit difficult in the short Laptop keyboard for special Alt+ Code.

Q2.Can you please tell me how to write > and  श्व in Preeti Font?
Reply- Use:     Shift + > for >
                        Comment if you know for श्व

Q3. On my laptop, there is no number lock key. Can you please suggest?
Reply- You must use the numeric keypad to type the Alt+ numbers and not the keyboard.  I think you have a keyboard without a numeric keypad. However, most of the recent laptops allow using numeric keypad inside the keyboard. To activate the features you have to Click on: 'Fn' + 'NumLk' (at F11 in my case) keys together. You need to shift to the keyboards and numeric keypad. I personally do not recommend it. There must be Fn keys and NumLk to get work on a laptop without a number keypad.

Q4. Looks like special characters do not work with the laptop keyboards.
Reply- True. But you can use it using 'Fn' + 'NumLk' keys in a very inefficient way.

Using Alt+ special character code in the short keyboard.

Once you do this, you can use a number pad inside your keyboard for a special character code. The only drawback is that you need to off the NumLk after every insert.

Q4. How to write km?
Reply- In Preeti font, simply k + m gives km

Q5. How to insert Nepali font in the symbol list?
Reply- No need to insert Nepali fond in the symbol list it's already there if you have Preeti font installed on your device. Go to Symbol >> More symbols >> In font: type Preeti. There you see Nepali font in the symbol list.


  1. im unable to use alt codes , eg if im doing Alt+0170 its going to file save option? need your help?


    1. check whether num luck is on or not, if not on it. And try using the combination keys with the Alt as asoon as possible

    2. i am facing same problem . I tried it bt it is not working plz suggest any solution for it

    3. You need to continuously press Alt until you type all number code.

      I have tried to check when this problem occur and find out that in the new document (Document1 -default) when you press 'Alt' key and release and press '1' key leads to file save option.

      Possible solutions;
      First you need to save the document.
      Don't release 'Alt' key unit you enter code/number for the character.

  2. Instaed of alt keys of Preeti , word display ASCII codes . How to fix it. I.e alt 0170 -/ र . It should be ङ

  3. Hi in my labtop there is no any number lovk key .can you please suggest

  4. Please help me i cant write ङ in preeti font wheather i type alt+0170 while im typing nothing come i have to go symbol then only it type other i type alt+0170 then its not type please make me comfortable from this problem

    1. please help me. when I use preeti font on word and copy it,its truns out on english when I paste on other sites. Please help me.

    2. Preeti font is not supported in other sites. Please copy and paste the preeti font in preeti to unicode converter. It gives you the text that you can use in other sites.

      You can copy and paste your preeti font on:

      and get unicode as output for use in other sites.

      Or you can simply use other preeti to unicode converter out there in the internet.

  5. looks like special characters does not work with laptop keyboard.

  6. Replies
    1. श्व, [Shift + s] [/] and [v].
      [Shift + s] -> श
      [/] -> ्
      [v] -> व

  7. How to insert nepali font in symbol list ?

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  9. How to insert nepali font in symbol list ?while typing in excell sheet

  10. I couldnt find how to type the combine form of ka and ta like in mukta, bhakta. Could you please help?

    1. Nowdays, we simply write; भक्त: e + (Shift + s) + t;

      however you can do that e + (shift + q) + m for those words.


  11. Replies
    1. Simple, in Ms Word select Preeti font and type; Shift + ,

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  17. why i cant write ु this on preeti font?? Everytime i write ' it will automatic change the font.

    1. I am going with same problem

    2. Go to options - proofing - autocorrect options - Autoformat as you type - Uncheck "straight quote" with "smart quote".
      Resolved 100%.

  18. How to write truck in preeti

  19. how to write Anga in Himali Fontasy TT

    1. You need to go through special character code. For anga: c + (alt + 0206)

  20. How to write pra ko dharko?

  21. i like to insert nepali page number like ka kha like that how is it possicable

    1. Not easy but possible. You have to create multiple section and edit font of page no into preeti and type each character.

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