Nepali Special Alt + Code Characters

I at least know that you have keen interest to learn Nepali typing and have came across practicing Nepali characters those directly availble in the keys while typing in Ms-word using preeti font. I have written a basic character positioning article on Learn Nepali Typing. You can review this incase needed when you have some confusion.
Nepali Special Alt + Code Characters -- Drawing
Alt + Code shortcut for special characters

Now, I like to inter into today's topic about the Nepali Special Alt + Code Character. We need to insert different symbols and nepali character during typing different Nepali documents. We have to stuck on this for long time even you are good typer with English character and have basic knowlege about nepali characters. Nepali Special Alt + Code Characters are actually the shortcuts used for inserting special characteristics with special code. It reduces the lengthy process and help to work faster and quicker.

Some of the mainly used character which are not available in keyboard direct input would be discussed below. At first I would like to show where the shortcut Alt + code are available for the character in Ms-Word. For that you have to open Ms-word in your computer and select Preeti font before starting typing.
Nepali Special Alt + code Character - insert character
Select Preeti font and Click on Insert
Then, Click on Symbol on Right Side corner there appear characters you last inter in small rectangle white background box. Then click again on More symbols if there are not symbols or character you desired to insert. There you get the list of symbols from where you can insert as per your needs.
You have to give well attention on this window. Look throughly from very first begining top corner to buttom corner without leaving anything.
Nepali Special Alt + Code Characters -- insert from symbols
Inserting special character from symbol
From the above table you need to notice in 5 special points. First at Symbol  then on font Preeti  from down arrow. Now select character (anyone for e.g. ठ्ठ ) then look on shortcut key code Alt + code for future use (e.g. Alt + 0182) and click on Insert.

This steps for inserting Nepali Special Alt + Code Character is ridiculous however better when you don't have anyother mean or when you just forget the code for the character. Take help this way for getting code for shortcut to special Nepali characters.

The list of Alt + Code are also listed below. I explain above steps so that you can yourself extracts shortcut key code yourself when you don't have access to given information below in the table.
0132 ध्र
0214 =
0133 ‘ 
0191 रू
0170 ª
0216 Ø
0137 झ् 
0171   «
0198 ” 
0223 द्म
0141 
0161 ज्ञ्
0203 Ë
0229 द्व
0162 द्घ  
0176 °
0204 त्र 
0147 “  
0163 घ् 
0177 +   
0205 Í
0206 Î
0247 ÷
0165 ¥
0151 — 
0167 ट्ट
0182 ठ्ठ 
0210 Ò
Nepali Special Alt + Code Characters
The Alt + keys code in light orange background gives Nepali character while others in light pink background don't give nepali character or symbols. You can record these for future work for fluent typing in Nepali.
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