How to Memorize ?

Memorizing is generally the tough task in general without using any technique obviously. Have you heard of Memory Master who can quickly memorize the things and explain in front of people? Have you ever querious how would they do that? Even though you don't have any idea don't worry. Here through out the article I will be discussing on How to memorize? or about how to mastered your memorizing skills? You don't need to be wonder most of people do this technique to memorize. The system I would be explaing on this post would be based on linking System of Memory.
How to memorize? -- chain method
Link memory like chain

Linking System of Memory

We everybody know there  memorizing  is difficult with method of rot and repeat time and again. This way ob memorizing lots of clues is ridiculous. It is very difficult task consuming lots of time memorizing significantly less equvalent to nill sometimes after some time. What can be the better way to memorize in easy way quickly ??? Probably, you know the answer from the topic however not not so much idea. I will be explaing about it here below. Before that I like to remind you that there are 2 hemisphere in human brain which have different function. Right brain has brain capacity of about 90% while 10% capacity for left brain hemispere. Right Brain has function of imagination, feeling, etc. while left brain has funtion related to  mathematics and logic. While you are cramming and use rot method to memorize hardly 10% you would be capable doing so as it reached maximum limit of left brain. So, you would feel tired soooner and you store very less in your brain.

Today onwards you have to begin activate your right brain so abundantly you store your memory. So, you may wonder how to activate your whole capacity for memorization ??? It is simple start using your Right Brain instead. You may wonder again haven't I activate right brain till today ? That's not true but yes at least in the case of memorizing you might not use your right brain. I already explain right brain works when you are in imagination, and feeling, etc. Now, you come up to the point I guess add more imagination and feeling in the matters or subject you are memorizing. This would help to shift memorizing load on left brain to whole other part of brain. You know well when capacity is higher things go well. Same here.

Built picture of any object you are going to memorize and keep linking with next one. Forms a chain with forming story to add imagination and provide some feeling that would works. I would make it easier with example. Words alone may not gives you what I intended to. For an example randomly choosing I like to pick some objects.
The list of the objects are:
  1. Ball
  2. Pencil
  3. Tap
  4. Book
  5. Tree
  6. Chair
  7. Tyre
  8. Shoes
  9. Knife
  10. Apple
  11. Bone
  12. Bulb
  13. Hospital
  14. Bat
  15. Tea
Try to remember these object with rot and repeat method and find out how many you can remember those objects. Now, we would begin using linking system to memorize these objects. After picking these object I open paints and begin drawing their sketch linking one another. The drawn sketch pic is given below and try to built your own story this time. 
How to Memorize? Using linking method
Link the objects.
Now your story would be ready that may different from mine. The story would help to remind next object linking after it. However, I would share the story I made. It goes like this  A Ball hits a large Pencil standing on the ground. There is a tap in it's middle. Opening tap wet books on the ground. Then a tree germinate from the book tip.  There is a chair on it's top. Tyre is on the chair. Shoes is hanging on that tire. In the sole there is a knife that picked an apple. When I picked an apple there is a big piece of bone, bulb in its's tip. A hospital fall from the sky over it. People are playing bats and cut of tea instead of cricket ball.

This time I hope this would make you easier to rememer. It is possible because visual aids would help remembering quickly. I you feel after reading through these sections please give your opinion in the comment section below and follow us clicking follow button in right side (or at end) of your screen.
Thank you. Have nice time ahead.