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At the beginning days of learning Nepali typing, it is hard to know which key contains which Nepali character as most of the keyboard is not Nepali character friendly. But often we need to get through typing the Nepali text document. Being the citizen of Nepal of this 21st century we must have knowledge about at least Nepali typing. The typing speed won't matter that raises when we keep on practicing. Here, I have given my best to provide very important ideas that would solve most of your trouble related to Nepali typing, particularly very basic issues.
Learn Nepali Typing -- easy way to learn character
Easy way to learn Nepali character

In this brief description about Nepali Typing issues would include: 
  • Identifying the position of Nepali Character in the Keyboard i.e. under the heading: Nepali typing keyboard
  • Typing in Nepali for google search i.e. under the heading: Nepali Typing in google and 
  • Typing in Nepali Unicode i.e. under the heading: Nepali typing in Unicode
Either you can directly skip to your desire heading or go thoroughly for details.

Nepali Typing Keyword

I can assure you that if you are completely unfamiliar with Nepali typing then also no need to worry. It would help you to learn rapidly without lots of stress. I also have followed the same strategy or methodology to get expertise in Nepali Typing. Only you need to have though and time to Learn Nepali Typing. If you provide your kind attention I begin to share the ideas.
All these ideas based on phonetic sound i.e. all related to speech sound.  You need to pronounce the same way I guided you or you can create similar to that you don't just forget. This is just an idea but I found this one most effective to me and though it would be to you as well. In this method, I formed a Nepali word from joining the phonetic sound of the English alphabet in the keyboard, and with Nepali character lies in the same key
Let's take an example starting with the first English alphabet A. The Phonetic sound of A is अ and the Nepali character lies in the same key is ब. So, it forms a Nepali word (or any familiar commonly used word) अब. It would help you to remember Nepali characters from the English Character of Keyboard. When we just see "A" in mind it comes Nepali character "ब" readily with no time. Revising for some time you easily able to remember the respective the Nepali character in the key. 
Learn Nepali Typing -- Keyboard

*Note: Here, I am teaching you locating the Nepali character from the English alphabets keyboard. The position of Nepali character varies with different typing language but in general, almost 99% uses this system excluding romanized way of typing.

Download Preeti Font

During the learning process, I advise using Microsoft word. Check whether there "Preeti" font in the font list and select it. If there is no "Preeti" font in Ms-Word then download the "Preeti" font and install it. The link to Preeti Font is given click link to download.

Nepali Character Keyboard

Learning only the positioning of some Nepali characters won't make us an expert on Nepali Typing however, it is the first step to Learn Nepali Typing thoroughly. You can't remember just looking at all the characters easily. Come on! I gonna make it easier for every character of the keyboard.
You can rearrange the characters based on ASDF JKL: format while learning based on what makes you easier. 

 English Alphabet
 Phonetic Sound
 Nepali Character
 Word Formed
अब (अबदेखि)
बिद (विद्वान)
सिअ (सिउने काम)
डिम (डिम लाइट)
 इभा (Eva- first omen)
Remove '-' of F 
जिन (Gene)
हर्ज (मुसलमानकाे प्रार्थना)
make L upside down 
*monkey tail
प  + m = फ
पिउ (PU)
similar sound 
Double धनि
 याक्सह (Ex.ha)
 याेथ Youth
 जेश् जश, जाेश

The above table shows the basic(primary) Nepali characteristics. These primary characters are those which can be pressed with a single key.

Other primary keys with single stock are:

Key Character
Nepali Character
Keyboard Character
Nepali Character

Secondary Characters are those characters which are formed by the combination of two or more keys.

Now, I like to introduce the shift + keys.
Shift + keys are given below.
Shift + ` = ञ्
Shift + 1 =
Shift + 2 = १
Shift + 3 =
Shift + 4 =
Shift + 5 =
Shift + 6 =
Shift + 7 =
Shift + 8 =
Shift + 9 =
Shift + 0 =
Shift + - = _
Shift + = ंं
Shift + Q = Q
Shift + W = ध्
Shift + E = भ्
Shift + R = च्
Shift + T = त्
Shift + Y = थ्
Shift + U = ग्
Shift + I = क्ष
Shift + O =
Shift + P = 
Shift + [ =  {
Shift + ] =  
Shift + \ =  |  
Shift + A = ब्
Shift + S = क्
Shift + D = म्
Shift + F =Fँ
Shift + G = न्
Shift + H = ज्
Shift + J = व्
Shift + K = प्
Shift + L = ी
Shift + ; = स्
Shift + ' =  ू
Shift + Z = श्
Shift + X = ह्
Shift + C =
Shift + V = ख्
Shift + B = B
Shift + N = ल्
Shift + M =Mः
Shift + , = ?
Shift + . = श्र
Shift + / = रू

There are more than these symbols in Nepali characters while typing. For more advanced learning about Nepali characters, you can go to advance the Nepali Character representing symbols. Shortcut keys to various other Nepali characters would be discussed there.
For details about Alt + code special Nepali characters or symbol See on: Nepali Special Alt + Code Character.

Readers Queries and the Solution Section

Queries 1: im unable to make ku ie s' or s" what is the prolem? by Amar Nepal.

Solution: It seems finding difficulties in typing 'Ukar' both 'Rasoo' and 'Dirga'. You can follow simple steps to resolve this type of problem.
- This problem occurs at the beginning until it’s corrected.
- Here I will show the steps to correct the problem
- Open Word and Go to: File --> Options --> Proofing --> AutoCorrect Options --> AutoFormat As You Type --> Uncheck ‘Straight quotes’ with ‘smart quotes’ and Click OK.

You can follow as shown in video as well.

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  1. Very interesting way to learn Nepali Typing. However, consistent practice is needed after memorization

  2. This is the best way to memorize the position of Nepali letter based on English letter. Thank you for sharing.

  3. im unable to make ku ie s' or s" what is the prolem sir?

    1. Thanks for mentioning your problem. We have updated the content for resolving problem in typing Ukar. 'Sorry!' for delay response.

  4. how to write 'ro' of mero ?