How To Buy TikTok Coins In Nepal

 How To  Buy TikTok Coins In Nepal can be a very tricky question for the tiktokers who live in Nepal. As we already know Nepal doesn't have Paypal or any other international payment system. Because of that many people are facing the problem of purchasing TikTok coins in Nepal. Before we move ahead do not forget to read, 4 ways to make money on TikTok. In that article, you will learn how you can make money on TikTok. From basic knowledge to advance knowledge it has everything which you might find useful. If you are done with that article then you may also like How to withdraw TikTok earnings in Nepal. 

Buying Tiktok coins in Nepal is not easy. Because of that many tiktokers are facing problems. There are hundreds of Facebook pages and an Instagram account that claims to help you purchase TikTok coins in Nepal but, it is very difficult to trust them. Among them only 1-2 percent are real. The remaining others are there to scam you and steal your TikTok account. To be safe from such sharks you have to be safe beforehand. Never trust such online service pages. Even though they might be real, it may cost a high amount for the work done. Therefore, to help you purchase TikTok coins in Nepal, today we are creating this article. Hope it will help you to buy TikTok coins in Nepal without any obstacles.

How To  Buy TikTok Coins In Nepal

How To  Buy TikTok Coins In Nepal

According to the report, TikTok makes billions of dollars per year. The number is increasing year by year. Before TikTok was only an entertainment app but now, it is also the main income source for many TikTok users. You can also see the result in Nepal. Tiktok changed the lifestyle of tons of people worldwide. Earning thousands of dollars a day is not a big deal for many TikTok celebrities nowadays. Livestream and pay-per-milestone is the main source of income for the various TikTok users. However what might be the income source for TikTok?

When you buy TikTok coins, the money will go into the TikTok bank account. I mean TikTok will earn money by selling the TikTok coins. There are millions of people who buy TikTok coins a day and it won't stop so soon. People buy TikTok coins for various reasons. Among them gifting the favorite live streamer is the one. You can gift your favorite live streamer using your TikTok coins. There are a hundred types of gifts in TikTok. You can choose anyone according to your budget.

Similarly, when you receive gifts from your TikTok followers or TikTok users, TikTok will take some percentage of your earnings while withdrawing your earnings. That is how they make billions of money every year. 

If we are done here let's move ahead.

There is some working method to purchase TikTok coins in Nepal. Among them getting a dollar card from your nearest Nepali bank is the one. From a dollar card, you can easily buy TikTok coins in Nepal. All you need is a dollar card, load some amount into it and add the dollar card to your google play store account. After it is done successfully, you will be able to buy TikTok coins within a few steps in a TikTok application. After you are done with all these things, it won't take more than a second to complete the transaction process.

This method is for those who have a Paypal account or, friends with a Paypal account. All the steps are the same in this method but here you have to link the Paypal account to your google play store account instead of a dollar card. This method is less costly in comparison to the dollar card method. In the dollar card method, Nepali bank charges you a certain amount per amount load. But, in this method, Paypal won't charge you any amount. By this, you will save some amount of money while purchasing TikTok coins.

There are also some trusted TikTok coins seller Facebook pages, Instagram accounts, and a website where you can get these services. In such places, the services might be trustworthy but they will charge you a very high amount. The rates will differ from the actual dollar rates in the market. That's all for today. Hope to see you in our next article. Have a good day.