6 Best TikTok Videos Niches You Should Work On

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6 Best TikTok Videos Niches You Should Work On. In this article, you will get a piece of information about the best niches on TikTok. There are numerous numbers of video niches available on the market. However, we have picked the best six niches you should work on Before we move ahead do not forget to read how to increase the followers on TikTok.

TikTok is a short video-sharing platform where you can find millions of videos every month. The number of TikTok users is also equally high. Some are posting videos about their country and some are making video tutorials on how to solve the problem. As I already said, there are numerous video niches you can try. If you don't have any idea about the video niche then you can create your own video niche. Creating your own video niche sounds more creative than copying others' video niches. However, there are also some evergreen video niches you can try.

6 Best TikTok Videos Niches You Should Work On

6 Best TikTok Videos Niches You Should Work On

Out of hundreds of video niches, we are only picking the best six entertaining niches which you can try without any high cost. Just like Khaby Lame, he created his own video niche. It took him a lot of time to get recognization. Because of his hard work and patience, he is now the highest-followed TikTok celebrity. Khaby is making a TikTok video without speaking but his video gives a message at the end. You can see him branding his content as a learn from Khaby.


Vlog is one of the most trending video niches on TikTok. Whether it is TikTok or Facebook or youtube, the vlog niche will never go out of the trend. You can also start your own vlog TikTok profile where you can share your experience. Thousands of vlogger is using TikTok as their video-sharing platform. Vlogging doesn't mean only capturing the moment of your travel. There are also many sub-niches under the vlog niche. Travel vlogs may be the hot topic but I suggest you pick any sub-niches you want. You can also show the natural beauty of your country through your vlog.

Many travelers are making money with the help of vlog content.  They are traveling free of cost. Because they will get a lot of sponsors in their journey. You can also try it once to experience it. Along with the travel vlog, you can also show the daily life of hard-working humans, inspirational vlogs, survival vlogs,s and so on.

Cover Video

Are you good at singing and dancing? If yes then this niche is for you. TikTok is a place where you can show your talent to millions of users worldwide. Therefore TikTok will be your biggest platform to share your talent free of cost. Many artists got recognization because of TikTok. Nowadays, you can see many singing and dancing trends happening on TikTok. You can also take part in such events. In Nepal, you can find many dance or singing contests specially made for TikTok users. Cover niche doesn't only work for singing and dancing. It equally works for the guitar, piano, and so on artists.

Keep doing what you are doing. Do not lose hope if you don't get recognization in a short period. Good things take time to come. Therefore keep grinding. Who knows one day you may get a music contract? or a music video contract?

Pets World

Do you have a pet in your home? If yes then this niche might help you to build your TikTok profile. There are thousands of pet accounts on TikTok. Among them, you can also be the one. You can post the funny or sad moments of your pet on TikTok. It might help as a stress reliever for others. Pets like a dog, cats, rabbits, rats, horses, and even snakes are taking over TikTok. Some TikTok accounts update their account with a pet video almost every day. Their content is also interesting to watch.

It is very shocking to see how people's pets are more intelligent than some humans. You can also build your own pet world in TikTok. People love pets a lot. Always make sure that you should never upload the negative side of your pet. Give your pet equal love and care.

Comedy Zone

Comedy zone is a niche where you can upload a video related to comedy kinds of stuff. In this niche, you can upload any video which can make people laugh. People use TikTok not only for entertainment purposes. Some use TikTok to be fresh from their bad time. Updating comedy videos will help your followers to get a piece of a laugh. It will help them as stress relievers. You can see thousands of TikTok accounts uploading comedy-related videos every day.

So, why not be a part of them and upload some comedy videos. You can use others' videos if you are shy to show your face. Otherwise, you can start your very own comedy show where you will make people laugh. It doesn't cost any money to make people smile. So, you don't have to think twice to work on this niche.

Top 10

Top 10 is another TikTok video niche where you can get a lot of TikTok views and engagements. There are a lot of sub-niches under the top 10 niches. In the top 10 niches, you have to make a video joining 10 video clips from the internet. Either it is top 10 funny or top 10 mysterious or a top 10 football goal. It all falls under the same niche. This niche can create a lot of engagement in your TikTok video. However, it also can be a headache to search the video clips on the internet and edit it. It will take a lot of ideas and effort to edit such videos. Therefore, you will need video editing knowledge in this niche as well.

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Couple Goals

I am sure you are not new in this niche. In TikTok, you can find millions of couple goals videos. The number of couple goals videos will not stop because nobody can stop love. You can also start a couple goals niche with your partner. Using a hidden camera and making a video to see the reaction of your partner can be the best choice you will ever make.

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