Freelancing In Nepal, Is It Worth It?

 When it comes to freelancing in Nepal, many of you may have a question, is it worth it? I have seen many youths in a freelancing doubt. Most of them quit it even before starting it, but why? There might be numerous reasons behind it. One of the reasons for early gave up might be a lack of knowledge. You know, freelancing is an easy job only if you have a piece of good knowledge about it. Otherwise, it might not be worth it as you had dreamed about. In this article, we will talk about freelancing in Nepal.

Freelancing In Nepal, Is It Worth It?

Freelancing is like a regular job. In freelancing, you can do the task according to your time and skills. You can do as many tasks in a day. The price of one task can be decided upon its time and resources. Sometimes you will get $5 for one task and, sometimes it can go even higher than $100. As I said, it depends upon your time and resources. If it cost you a lot of time and resources for the project then you can name any price. 

If your client wants a website within 24 hours then you can name a higher price for your project. It will take a lot of your time, effort, and resources for sure. Making a website within 24 hours is not a joke. Similarly making a logo might be easy and you can do it freely. If your client wants that logo within a week then the price can go down up to $5.

While talking about freelancing, it is one of the most popular jobs in a foreign country. However, in Nepal, the trend has just begun. As I already said, people still don't have much knowledge about freelancing. People in Nepal are facing many obstacles while freelancing. One of the main reasons can be a payment method.

As of today, Nepal still does not have a working international payment gateway. To receive payment in Nepal either you should have Paypal or a Payoneer MasterCard. In Nepal, we still lack both of the services. Some of the workplaces might offer bank transfers but, it can be too costly for small-time freelancers like you and me. Due to this a lot of payment problems are seen among Nepali freelancers. 

The other reason Nepali freelancers are facing is a lack of exposure. It's normal for people to pick some foreign people coz they think foreigners are highly skilled and capable. Due to this many newcomers might be demotivated. One of my friends stopped doing freelancing due to a lack of exposure. Though he is highly skilled in photoshop and graphics designing.

Is it worth it?

Yes, it is worthy maybe not now, but in the future, you will reap your hard work. Nowadays you can get many gigs inside Nepal too. A lot of photo and videographers are working at the restaurant and bar as freelancer photographers. They are also seen doing wedding photography. Numerous graphics designer are doing their work for some big named company. The trend of the Nepali news portals is still high. As a result, you will find gigs for website development too.

Many websites are hiring a content writer for their websites which is somehow good for the students and freelancers. The problem of payment will also be solved if you work for a Nepali company. There are many payment gateway services like esewa, khalti, ime pay, and so on. 

That's all for today. Let me know if you want to learn more about freelancing in Nepal. Have a good day.