4 Ways To Earn Money Online In Nepal

 Hey guys how are you? Are you looking for some ideas to earn money online in Nepal? You know, there are various ways to earn money online in Nepal. In recent times, the development of the Internet is making people easier to earn money online. Now you can see a lot of people are quitting old-aged jobs to start their own business online. It's always better to work smart rather than working hard. In this article, I will tell you how you can make money online in Nepal.

4 Ways To Earn Money Online In Nepal

I have seen many people are wasting their time in some random refer and earn scheme. Some may pay you real money with that. In the online world, I have seen many scams refer and earn schemes. To be frank, never believe in such things. It will only consume your time and energy. You may earn a little. Not, more than 100 or thousands.

To earn a decent amount, you have to work smart. Here, we will talk about the 4 ways to earn money online.


Youtube is one of the most trending online jobs in Nepal. Nowadays Nepali youtube trend is full of so-called Youtubey patrakar. You may not believe me, but they earn more than lakhs a month. That's a huge amount. I am not telling you to start the same trend as I hate so-called youtube patrakar. You can start your own channel with a new idea. It may be hard for you in the beginning. But I am sure one day you will get recognition. 

If you are still having confusion about the youtube video niche then here you can find 7 youtube video ideas without showing face or voice.

Other than that, you can start your own vlog or a gaming video channel. Do you remember how much 4K gaming Nepal makes a month? The number of gaming youtube channels is also increasing in Nepal rapidly. Why don't you try to be the next gamer? or the next Sisan Baniya maybe?


Freelancing is another way to make money online in Nepal like I am doing now. You can make thousands of dollars according to your time and skills. If you are good at graphics designing then you may find tons of gigs online. You can also open Fiverr or Upwork accounts for free. If you are good at content writing then you will find many Nepali websites offering content writing jobs in Nepal. The amount may not be high as a foreign website, but it will manage to make some pocket money for you.

I have a few friends working as a graphics designer and a website designer. They generally make five digits earnings per moths. A single gig of website designing may generate hundreds of dollars in a single day. Besides graphics designing and content writing gigs, you can offer your skills in freelancing websites like Fiverr and Upwork.


Many of you may not know about these features yet but yes now you can monetize your Facebook videos too. A billion users use Facebook on the daily basis, and In Nepal around millions of users are active on Facebook daily. It means you have a higher chance of making money online with the help of Facebook. To be eligible for this program, you need to have at least 10000 Facebook page likes, a month old Facebook page. Copyright-free content and 30000 a minutes Facebook video views. If you manage to create only one viral video then it may help you a lot in the coming days.

Besides Facebook video, you can also make money from Facebook instant article feature. It is good for those who have a news website or a viral blog. It is just like an adsense version of Facebook where the creator will earn money according to the CPM or CPC basis.

Daraz affiliate marketing

Daraz the number one online shopping website is now offering affiliate marketing features where you can make money by selling products online. You can read here in detail about the new Daraz affiliate marketing. To start this affiliate marketing, always make sure to learn about the product niche. It will help you to boost your sales in a magical way.

Daraz affiliate marketing is a free-to-join program but it has some requirements. You will need a total of 10000 social account followers. Either it is a Facebook or an Instagram. For the bloggers, you will need a qualified website. Other than that, having a PAN card is a must. You can get your PAN card number from the Nagrik app or by visiting the nearest Government office.

That's all for today. Let me know if you want to learn more about Daraz's affiliate marketing. I am always online and free.