Pay Vehicle Tax and Renew Cost via Nagarik App

Nagarik App is going to incorporate the service related to the payment of transportation tax, renewable cost and insurance payment through its system. When this system get ready, it would bring ease to millions of beneficieries. The overcrowed transporation office would somehow gets open to greater extend. The workload would reduce by 50% or more and thus the efficiency of the offices can be achieved. The larger manpower in this system can be reduced with digitization. Digitization of payment system helps both beneficieries and government governing body. Investment in manpower can be applicable in other better productive area. Citizen time minimization for obtaining of particular services helps to run economy of country smoothly and quickly. 

Now, you can pay vehicle tax and renew cost through Nagarik App. All the reqired system to make the payment through the Nagarik app has been arranged system in transportation offices under Department of Transportation Management. The system directly connected with Nagirk app soon and the service begin soon. The procedure is in final stage to launch. In few days, this service would be activated. For the procedure the online payment system provider accepted by Nepal Rastra Bank would connected with Nagarik app and make the payment system easier.

Pay Vehicle Tax and Renew Cost via Nagarik App
Nagarik App

Along with the vehicle renewable cost, vehicle tax and third party insurance is required to make payment. For insurance as well online payment would be managed. 

With this service the hasle citizen experiencing during paying the taxes would end. Most of Transporatation office seems overcrowed for payment of tax and other simple task. Making online payment would minimized and difficulties. 

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