15 Open Access e-Resources Sites | For Books, Journals, Thesis and Articles

Here are the links for downloading books, journals, thesis, and articles. The resources obtained from these sites can be downloaded free of cost from given links. 

These links are important especially when you are doing scientific research. Here are links to the resources which provide the materials free of cost. This would be economical for students who can't afford expensive articles for their study. 

1. Library Genesis: www.libgen.is

2. BookFi: www.bookfi.net
Open Access e-Resources for Books, Journals, Thesis and Articles
Pic. Open Access e-Resouces

3. Internet Archive: www.archive.org

4. Civil Engineering Database: www.asce.org

5. Nepali Wikipedia: ne.wikipedia.org/wiki/

6. Directory of open access Journals: www.doaj.org

7. Directory of open access books: www.doabooks.org

8. Asia Journals Online (AJOL): www.asiajol.info

9. Nepal Journals Online (NepJol): www.nepjol.info

10. Digital Himalaya: www.diditalhimalaya.com/

11. World digital library: www.wdl.org

12. E-Pustakalaya Nepal: pustakalaya.org/

13. Let's Read (free digital library for children): https://reader.letsreadasia.org

14. Springer Journals: https://www.springeropen.com/

15. Open Access Thesis and Dissertation (OATD): https://oatd.org

These are very helpful links. Hope these links are helpful for you.

Shared by: Pradip Subedi (IT staff in Institute of Forestry (IOF), Pokhara Campus, TU).