Earn Money via Twitter

Online business is booming these days. Many companies want to increase their revenue by applying different strategies like various advertising schemes and for popular social sites involving users. Following the same trend now-famous Social Media Platform Twitter has planned to bring a new feature. They are going to launch the features related to monetization in near future. These new features help users to make money out of it while using it.

Earn Money via Twitter
Twitter towards monetization
This feature would be available by adding a new small button in the user's profile page through which they can access the monetized related service. In fact, in the future using this feature users can provide economical supports and tips to those users who have enough followers and post popular tweets. This can be done simply by touching the button on the page. When users touch the button, they could able to make online payments through Bandcamp, Cash app, Patreon, Vamos online payment services, etc.

Last February Twitter had brought up features called Super Follower in which popular users and personnel and celebrity made their followers pay for their tweets thus can monetize their tweets. This feature of Twitter has been hugely criticized and that was reflected on Twitter via tweets with the #RIPTwitter trend. This sort of feature has criticized claiming that it had caused emotional offended to the general public and users giving only priority to celebrities with higher followers.

However, in the future twitter aim to make income through monetize account. The projected users who would enjoy the monetized account would reach 7 million up to 2023 and the company annual income targeted to reach 7 billion dollars.

Current Monetization program of Twitter; Media Studio Monetization

The monetization offers offered by Twitter currently on video content under video monetization program broadly classified under two broad classes; Amplify Pre-roll, and Amplify Sponsorships.

Amplify Pre-roll program allow advertising in your premium video content shared on Twitter. This helps to make it easy to monetize video content to the publishers. Those people who are accepted into the program able to access monetization functionality in Media Studio. Another program Amplify Sponsorships allows aligning premium video content via one-to-one sponsorship with an advertiser(s). It's the best way to drive meaningful reach and revenue for your brand and deliver premium alignment to the advertiser who wants to reach your audience. Once accepted into this program, users can develop a sponsorship package for additional monetization functionality in Media Studio.