Common Forest Insects

The basically common insect that attacks forest timber basically fall under main three order:
  • Celoptera
  • Lepidoptera 
  • Diptera  
Based on feeding/damage made by insects they are like 
a. Phloem and Shoot boring 
b. Wood-boring 
c. Root Rot: Damage root part. 
d. Defoliating: Defoliators insects attack tree leaves. 
e. Seed and Cone damaging 

Common Forest Insects
Order of Insects (Source:

Some common insect damaging forest timber is mention below: 
1. Pine peach Mass Borer 
2. Sugar maple borer 
3. Two-lined Borer 
4. Locust Borer 
5. Carpenter Worm 
6. Poplar Borer 
7. Flat Headed Apple Borer 
8. White-spotted sawyer 
9. Powder Pest Beetle 
10. Termites 
11. Spruce Budworm 
12. Gypsy Moth 
13. Pandora Moth 
14. Elm leaf Beetle 
15. Poplar leaf beetle 
16. While Grubs 
17. Root weevil 
18. European pine shoot moth 
19. Nantucket 
20. White pine weevil 
21. Pales Tip Weevil