Post Corona New Normal Life

Corona Virus is taking longer to come up under control. Even in this developed scientific era. A simple communicable disease is taking the breath of thousands of lives. The country with the best medical services is also getting impacted by the COVID-19 pandemic. Although some attempts have been renowned for their initial success to come up to over the pandemic. However, there is no sign of under the control of this disease in the recent future. 

Impacts of Corona Virus
Empty street during lockdown to prevent the spread of pandemic Corona Virus

This has created huge losses of lives and property for expensive health services. On the other hand apart from millions of victims from COVID-19, other billions lose their life-supporting activities. Many poor and middle-class families are mostly affected when economical activities are closed down in response to prevent the spread of coronavirus. The longer restrictions in economical activities have a severe impact on making for hand to mouth. Several large corporates facing sever loss resulting from cutting jobs of most of their workers.

Going through these all, lately many governments over the globe decide to allow some fundamental and basic economic services to carry on with applying much safety and preventive measures. People started to come up with innovative ideas and develop ideas to coupe with this harsh situations. Most of the work possible from home can be done from home without going to offices. The academic activities run through online. However, couldn’t be the ultimate solution to all people. Most people couldn’t afford those services mostly in developing countries where poverty proportion is higher and even in developed nations people who have lost their fundamental job that used to support to make their living. 

There is no way we would be back to pre-corona normal in the near future. But continuously locking people inside the home preventing any activities for their living also not a good idea. So, there needs to get back to normal this time “new normal” which has a totally new way of living – a new lifestyle. 

People in the new normal should always behave as if coronavirus all-around their workplace, public places like stations, hotels, restaurants, schools, etc. Washing hand regularly, sanitize it, use mask regularly covering mouth and nose properly should be followed with great concern. Talking with people mentoring at least 1-2 meter physical distance, not touching on the handle, table, chair unnecessarily as it may contain the virus in public areas, not touching mouth and nose as the hand may receive the virus from any means easy.


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