Enough is Enough: Frustrated youth to the government

 Why actually any country needs a government? If there is not even small support from the government for the fulfillment of fundamental requirements (like food and shelter) of each citizen including vulnerable low-income communities. The government has added up just a burden to the citizen implementing taxations and provision of restriction on various regular activities of citizens, especially during this pandemic of the Corona Virus without taking any responsibility from the respective responsible authorities. The failure government has many reasons for not fulfilling their responsibilities. The coronavirus pandemic has become one of the incidents for hiding most of the ineffectiveness and irresponsible activities. Whatever the reason for ineffectiveness, the government tries to blame the pandemic and its consequences. 

Enouth is Enough: Frausted youth to the government
Frustrated Nepalese youth against politicians says Enough is Enough.

The government is lacking its responsibility in various sectors like health services, education sectors, and many more.  I have mention health services and education sectors as many citizens are directly affected by this. We have come across various event that shows government irresponsibility like irresponsible towards the hungry stomach of wage dependent labor who lost their jobs during the lockdown and the pandemic crisis. Also, the government couldn’t respond and don’t have a plan for quick rescue the citizen who wants a quick return to home country as they have lost their jobs and have ended their visa dates during coronavirus pandemic. The government couldn’t go beyond narrow self-priorities like discussing timely unsuitable issues of changing government, ministries, running the business in name of service, moving around the commission, misusing post-power. 

Half an academic year has to be completed but till now no proper planning on how to manage the education system and begin regular classes and examinations. Many schools were used as quarantine and isolation centers because of fewer spaces in hospitals and health centers. But these quarantines are also not well managed and have not followed minimum health standards in most areas. People start to stay at home as quarantine and isolation as allowed by the government but there is no effective mechanism to cross-check how well the place is and whether people follow strictly or not. The absence of every system, increasing dependency of every system to a single head of the government is not a good sign in democracy. The central government depends on other international supporting agency for stepping simple action or requirement of the government. Even the local or provincial governments also have developed similar cultures depending on the central government or supporting agencies for the work under their responsibility. Each government has shown other aspects of anything else for hiding their inefficient administrative and development activities. 

Leaving some government action behind most of the action is inappropriate and the opposite of most people expect. In Nepal, since the promulgation of the new constitution, the role of local government, provincial or central government remain only on paper as their most of decision is irrelevant, without proper preparation. The government not in a systematic bound and responsibility takes longer to respond to urgent issues and take the irrelevant decision which is unsuitable in the current period of time. This action of government has attracted youth and other groups who used to be far from politics otherwise. The government should act as guardians for every citizen instead of behaving citizens as slaves. Politicians should understand politics is a service to the people, they should act as service providers and heard their difficulties but here the exact opposite occurs. Citizens have to pay government officials and politicians for their luxury needs from citizen’s earning through taxation of various levels. Even for the governmental services which supposed to be free, government charges on these services too.

 Most people don’t use to have issues over governmental decisions during normal situations as most used to busy in their day-to-day life. But now the situation is different so, most people's livelihood is badly impacted by the spread of Coronavirus and decision made of government without becoming responsible towards highly impacted people. Most sectors are influenced during this period however, at least the government should manage foods for hungry stomach instead of spreading flowers over them in the name of celebrating constitution day. The constitution has brought changes to the politician only not to all general public. Only the actors differ but the action remains the same - “Jun jogi aayani kanae chiryako” match with governments of Nepal more relevant. There is history that people fought for justice for long but those who capture the ruling system begin injustice to the people.