Route to Rara Lake

There are no words to describes the beautyness of Rara Lake. It would be more worthy if you reached there and observe with your own eyes. In words, it differs based on how much I pleasure and my ability to describe in words. I would like to move to the point.

Let's start Route to Rara Lake from either Nepalgunj or Birendranagar of Surkhet.

In first day your trip would be Surkhet to Khalikot (or anywhere in between) when you are heading to Synjha (Jumla). Sometimes you may not get bus to Synjha directly thus you have to take to Naagma (Kalikot) from where route seperated for Khalanga (Jumla) and Synjha (Jumla). You need to move to Synjha for heading towards Rara Lake. Vehicles are not allowed to operate during Night. So, it's almost impossible to pass the way in a day upto either Nagma or Synjha.

From Synjha you can have to trek to Rara Lake. But for us it was difficult to reached out there. So, take rest in Mugu Rara. Next morning the ways of 2 hrs need to pass to reached Rara Lake. The most difficult portion of the Journey is in between Synjha and above. Or, You can reached upto Gamgaki (headquater of Mugu district) in bus or jeep from where 3 hours walk or a bit more required to reached Rara Lake. Taking plane directly to Talcha Airport from Nepalgunj is another option from where 2 hours of walking distance required to reach Rara Lake.
Route to Rara Lake --- Rara Lake
Rara Lake beach

Here, I have described in a very short summary hoping that you would get the straight information you need to know before moving or planning to be there some day. For making a planning you have to know how long the travel would be. In minimum you would reached Rara Lake in 5 days if you do Trek from Synjha (say from Pokhara).

Hope this given summery would help you. This is our trip:

Day 1: Pokhara (1:30 pm)  ---Narayanghad---Butwal---(Night spent on Bus)---- Surkhet (8:30)
Day 2: Surkhet Visit Around get ticket for 4 pm to Synjha but have to Stay in Patali khola (Dhilekh) during night.
Day 3: Patali Khola (Dhilekh)----Naagma--->>> Synjha (stay there). In our case the bus which was said to reached Synjha don't go ahead to Synjha from Naagma reason less passenger. So, need to chage vehicle that is late to fill up all passenger and reached late in Synjha.
Day 4: In the morning after breakfast around 7:30 trek begin to reach Rara Lake but due to difficult terrain and injuries to friend who can't reach to Rara lake and Stay in Mugu Rara.
Day 5: Taking breakfast our team move towards Rara Lake. About an hour and half hour of walking we reached in one side of Rara Lake. We slowly moved forward with more pleasure in it's bank upto Green Hotel.
Day 6: We enjoyed in Rara Lake whole day.
Day 7: Return to Naagma and stay.
Day 8: Move to Jumla visit and stay.
Day 9: Return to Nepalgunj directly. Return to Pokhara in Night Bus.
Day 10: Reached Pokhara through Syanjga Palpa Route.

If I need to go detail then comment down below. I appreciate your suggestion and instruction.