Route to Mardi Himal

Mardi Himal is the closest Moutain from Pokhara where you can trek in short period of time. You can get relaxed in your weekend there. The minimum possible day to reach out close to Mardi Himal High camp is just not more than 3 days. You can obviously extend your trek if you found pleasant time and have longer holiday. You can go to Landruk, Gandruk, Chomrung  or anywhere catching Annapurna trekking route around Annapurna Circuit.

Mardi Himal Trek is an alternative trekking route to the visitors with less time and budget to observe Mountains closely and for collecting trekking experience. During the beginning of mountain trekking it probably be the best option to begin with. It will taught you more about what sorts of preparation and arrangement should be made while getting out for high altitude areas. If you have to move on trekking with your family then it would also be the best option. Just you shouldn't be hurry to gain altitude. You should make yourself habituate.

Route to Mardi Himal -- Directing board
Route to Mardi Himal

Mardi Himal Trek is secondary trekking route of Annapurna Circuit. It has been popular among people around Pokhara and who reached out Pokhara and like to reach mountain nearby it quickly, easily, cheaply. So, if you are interested on moving to Mardi Himal trek then you can easily reached out there.

Way to Mardi Himal 

(3 night stay trek guide)
Let's begin supposing you are some where in Pokhara. You need to manage to get to Hari Chowk (Bagar) from where you get Bus to Hemja (now within Pokhara Metropolitain). You can reached to either Hari Chowk or Simpani from where you have to take Bus to Hemja - Milan Chowk. If you have access to reach Himja - Milan Chowk you can be there directly from where travel to Mardi Himal begin.
You need to ask Jeep for Upper Sidding or Viujung little distance ahead towards lower direction in Jeep Station. In the first day, you can just made upto Upper Sidding (to be specific Viujung) and stay there.

In next day, there wouldn't be vehicle this is the day to trek in real. I think you can made upto high camp in a day. You would take lunch in low camp and continue upto High camp and enjoy the mountain close to you. If you are lucky the climate and the sky would be clear. You found yourself surrounded by moutains and hills from everyside. It's really amazing in this short distance you can get close to the moutain.

In the third day, probably you would like to reach view point in the top of the hill and have some fun before lunch. After lunch you can return to Sidding where you would again spent your third night. If you reach Sidding early and if you hire jeep/get jeep going to Pokhara then you can get back to Pokhara lately. Otherwise you have to wait next day to get back to Pokhara.

If you like to longer holidays during way to Mardi Himal then you can also,

  • stay in Luwang Homestay especilly Gurung Cultural Village nice to stay in. It is a beautiful village
  • participate in Pokhara Canonying. It is a advanterous water game. It is near to Lumre (in Ghalel). You can reached out either way by vehicle or by walking.

These both are best spot on the way to Mardi Himal.

Precaution for Mardi Himal Treak and on other High Hill trekking route.

  • You would shortly get an altitude so move on slowly taking lots of water. Your breath would might be rapid, take rest at certain distances. All trekking member may not have equal physical ability so don't make them walk quicly instead make slow pace with them let them walk on their way, encourage them, give them water and energy giving foods like chocolates and biscuits.
  • Don't throw your waste in trekking route.
  • Wear a warm clothes. Don't take off clothes when you felt sweat during climbing up hills. The cold air instantly make you suffered from cold. Trek would only be joyful if you and your team is healthy. High hills low climate is not a joke for people with low immunity power.