The future of freelancing in Nepal in 2023

Freelancing in Nepal is now a scorching topic. You can find many people talking about it everywhere, anytime. Those who have good skills earn a decent amount from freelancing. However, you need good knowledge before you jump into this sector. You can take me as an example. Till now I have made some good side income through freelancing. Writing an article for the blog is my best niche. So, before you start freelancing, know about your niche very well. 

What is freelancing?

Well, I won't take much of your time explaining what is freelancing. Just like its name, you are free to do any work, anywhere and anytime. You will be paid for the work done. In short, It is a kind of work where freelancers get paid by doing their gigs beautifully and on time.

How much can we make from freelancing in Nepal?

Well, I am also not sure how much freelancers make per gig in Nepal. As far as I know, a freelancer can make a minimum of Rs 100 to a maximum of Rs 10,000 or more from freelancing. You will be paid based on a per gig or maybe per day or per month. It differs from the company you work with. 

The minimum price of a gig on Fiverr is $5. It contains many niches from writing a blog post to creating a website or taking a mesmerizing picture to produce beautiful music for your song. Fiverr is a platform for freelancers where you can find suitable gigs according to your skill and time. If you are good at producing good music, why not earn some side income from your talent.

What are the best niches for freelancing?

There is an uncountable niche on the market that generates good income. As I have already said, freelancing depends on your skills and talents. Before you start freelancing, you should at least have some good skills in your hand otherwise, it will be very difficult for you to make an earning from freelancing. Below are some of the best and high-paying freelancing niches you should learn.


Writing is a very popular niche for freelancers. Me, I write for the blog. I am doing this for a very long time. Writing doesn't mean you should only write for the blog. It covers writing poems or stories. Working on the movie script. Songwriting, working for news websites, etc can be very good options for freelancers.


Are you good at producing music? or do you have your own musical band? I bet you have seen many bands performing in clubs or restaurants or bars. Yup, they are freelancers. They perform according to their schedule and get paid for their work. By doing so they can make thousands of dollars per month. Performing 4 to 5 gigs per week will be enough for them. Besides, DJ can be also the best freelancing niche for you. Along with the money, you can travel to many places as well. Isn't it interesting?


Are you good at teaching? If so then this might be a good niche for you. Home tuition can be a good source of side income if you are good at teaching. Home tuition or a tuition center, you can do any one or both according to your time schedule. I remember my tuition teacher used to teach five classes a day. Earning Rs 15,000 is easy with this niche. Just be sure you are good at what you are doing.


Photographers during mangsir and magh are the busiest freelancer because of the marriage months. Everybody wants to make their marriage special and capture the moment forever because of that, the demand for photographers will be very high during these months. Stop being lazy and start learning photography today. Besides marriage months, I know photographers get gigs in restaurants and bars as well.

Bug Bounty

I don't know much about bug bounty but as far as I know, bug bounty is not as easy to learn. Besides that, Bug bounty is one of the most high-paying freelancing niches in Nepal. You will get from $100 to $1000 and more according to the bug you found. In Nepal, $1000 is enough for the month which means you just need to find one bug per month. It is better if you find more however, finding one bug is enough to run the household for a month in Nepal.

A few months ago. one of my friends found the bug worth $10,000. If you are interested in Bug hunting then it might be the inspiration for you.

Games, Apps, and Website developers

Games, Apps, and website development is one of the most high-paying freelancing gigs available on the market. The only drawback of this niche is that you need to learn the programming language. Well, everything is possible if you do things with your heart. It is not impossible, it is just a little different experience from others. If you are good in a programming language, you may get work in a big IT company as well. So, let's not lose hope.

The future of freelancing in Nepal in 2023

The future of freelancing in Nepal in 2023

So, what might be the future of freelancing in Nepal? Will it move ahead or go backward. Nobody knows. But as far as I know, after the covid, people are now more into remote work. Many big companies also starting to hire remote workers. And also due to the high unemployment in Nepal, the future of freelancing looks bright. People are now learning skills to match their freelancing niche. Many Nepali freelancers on Fiverr and Upwork are getting famous. Isn't it good? It is a good time for you to learn some skills now so that you won't regret it later because the freelancing market in the coming days gonna be very busy. It's time to learn and build a base for the future.

The more you start sooner, the more time you will get to update y portfolio for freelancing jobs.

Always make a mindset that freelancing doesn't only mean doing work related to IT. Freelancing can be done anywhere and anytime. I have seen people quitting the trend just because they didn't get the gig. Just remember that every famous freelancer was once a newbie freelancer like you. You should not let your spirit down.

That's all for today. Hope to see you in another article. Have a good day.