How to Create Profile on Mozilla Firefox

Hello there, in the post we will look through a process to create profiles in Mozilla Firefox. Well ya, Mozilla Firefox does support profiles but it is not just as chromium based browsers. Let's get started.

Mozilla Firefox

Mozilla Firefox is a free and open-source browser, that is being developed and mentioned by Mozilla Foundation and its contributors. Firefox was initially released on September 23, 2002.

Mozilla Firefox uses the Gecko code library for engine layouts whereas Chromium-based browsers uses Blink (a fork of Webkit) engine layouts.

Browser Profile

Browser Profile in a browser is like a user profile in a computer. Each user has their separate world, they share the browser but have their own personal space.

This page helps you to manage your profiles. Each profile is a separate world which contains separate history, bookmarks, settings and add-ons.

Profiles help to share a single PC among different members of the family, or You can have separate profiles for your organization, college and personal Space.

I prefer to have different profiles for My office and my own profile, I have a separate profile for my social networks, whereas separate for Work and random web surfing. I will get different suggestions based on the profile I am using.

Profiles on Mozilla Firefox

I use Mozilla Firefox as my primary browser. I have Chrome as well, I love that Easy setup for the profile on Chrome. 

When Mozilla introduced those Multi-Account Containers, I excessively used them, but because of some update bug, they get lost somewhere.

I was unaware of profiles for a long, so many of you may not be aware as well, so let's get started.

On  Mozilla Firefox, enter about:profiles on the address bar and hit enter.

Now you can create Profiles as needed.

Click on Create a New Profile

Firefox stores information about your settings and preferences in your personal profile.

If you are sharing this copy of Firefox with other users, you can use profiles to keep each user's information separate. To do this, each user should create his or her own profile.

If you are the only person using this copy of Firefox, you must have at least one profile. If you would like, you can create multiple profiles for yourself to store different sets of settings and preferences. For example, you may want to have separate profiles for business and personal use. 

Then click on Next.

If you create several profiles you can tell them apart by the profile names. You may use the name provided there or use one of your own,

Then you can enter the profile name, so you can identify that profile, You can see the default location where the user-related data will be stored. You can choose to select a different folder as well.

Then click Finish.

Now your profile is created. You can lunch any profile as needed by first entering to about:profile, then selecting the profile to open. You can choose one default as well, which will be launched whenever the browser is first opened.

That's it, now you can create profiles on Firefox as needed.