What does Clubhouse meant for you?

 A new social trending site these days is Clubhouse. This is famous for its audio-based sharing features. Unlike other social sites, it doesn't allow sharing pictures, opinions on the texts, or in any video content. It doesn't allow video calls. Here, people joined across the world to talk, listen and learn from each other in real-time. The clubhouse is a new social media. It's a real-time audio-based chat with not many options comparing to other sites.

The clubhouse is the best app for sharing views, opinions directly with followers or participants via audio. And good as well for listening other views and opinion on an instance of time and even able to questions about their queries and any question to them. These unique features of the sites making them noticeable and preferred by many users. 

What does Clubhouse meant for you? Logos
Fig.: Clubhouse logos use pic of famous personnel; Source: clubhouse. com

No users can participate on their own. The easiest and quickest way to access the platform is when a friend with already has a Clubhouse account nominate you to join Clubhouse. A user can nominate at least 5 users who are worth joining in Clubhouse. The use of this app increase in skyrocketing ways. Clubhouse is gaining thousands of new users in recent months. The audio-based social media application attracts users as it's also applicable to organize wide-ranging discussions and can accommodate groups of up to 5,000.

It's easy to get started in Clubhouse. You have to follow the simple sign-up procedure. You can need only your mobile number to get started. You can add your email for extra security. On Clubhouse you'll use your real name while creating your profile so, that easily searchable. Clubhouse is definitely worthy for you if you are looking to join and build communities and searching for more relaxed way to communicate and expand your connections, truly a social social media platform.

Hate speech and bullying is against the guideline of the Clubhouse. Users can report specific person if there is an issues in an incident report.

The main features offered by clubhouse are:

Allow users to explore various conversion and can participate in each as the audience. If want to talk you need to raise your hand. Speakers can select you to speak and invite you to the stage or say speaker panel. 

Clubhouse creates a platform where people can meet up to host, listen and some cases join conversations within the app's community.

It is a great platform for networking and relationship building and a fresh way to learn. This provides an opportunity to know the opinions of others in close contact with them. 

*This article was written around the time when Clubhouse is available for android users.