Best free Software to remote control a PC from another PC

Now, you can remotely control's someone else computer. There are many ways to do so. In Microsoft window it can be done using  'Remote Desktop Connection', RemoteAccess of Google. Along with these there are free software tools for remote access. They are listed below:

They are:

Demonstration of remote control

  1. AeroAdmin
  2. AnyDesk
  3. BeamYourScreen
  4. Chrome Remote Desktop
  5. DesktopNow
  6. Distant Desktop
  7. DWService
  9. Iperius Remote
  10. LiteManager
  11. Quick Assist
  12. Remote Utilities
  13. ShowMyPC
  14. TeamViewer
  15. UltraVNC
  16. Windows Remote Desktop
  17. Zoho Assist

Others software are: 

  1. Mikogo
  2. Parallels Access
  3. Radmin Remote
  4. ShowMyPC
  5. UltraVNC
  6. SupRemo
  7. Remote Utilities