How To Get Unlimited Free Trial For Tubebuddy

 Many of you may have a question, how can we use Tubebuddy for free? Since Tubebuddy provides a free version of its services, the free version doesn't have strong power like the paid version. For the starter or a small YouTuber, you might be happy with the free services. It will take a long period of time for you to achieve what you had dreamed of. That is one of the reasons why you want to work hard. Instead of working hard, why don't you work smart? In this article, we will discuss how you can get unlimited access to Tubebuddy.

What is Tubebuddy?

Tubebuddy is an SEO tool for youtube Youtube. In simple, you can call it YOAST SEO of Youtube. Just like the YOAST SEO, Tubebuddy also has the same function. It helps users to make a suitable environment for them to rank their Youtube videos higher.

Why should you use Tubebuddy?

Youtube now has millions of videos on its server. Along with that, thousands of videos are being uploaded daily. According to tubefilter 2019 report, 500 hours of video are uploaded to YouTube every minute worldwide. The report is enough for you to show how competitive Youtube will be in the coming days. This is why you have to work smart instead of working hard.

There are many reasons why you should use tubebuddy. However, ranking your youtube videos higher and analyzing your competition might be the one. Before we move ahead, read our 7 Youtube video ideas without showing face or voice.

Tubebuddy helps you to find the suitable keyword for your youtube video. It also helps you find how your competitor is working. Tubebuddy features are not only limited to Keyword research. It will also assist you in creating an eye-catching thumbnail for your videos. To know more about the Tubebuddy feature you have to use it at least once.

How To Get Unlimited Free Trial For Tubebuddy

A free trial is as good as a premium account. You will get all those premium features after you activate the trial service. You can sign up for your free tubebuddy trial account here. After that, log in with your Youtube Gmail account. All this process will not take more than a minute. As you complete the login process, you will see lots of offers on the home page. Choose any one suitable offer and then continue. We will explain all the available offers below.

  • Affiliate Program - You can get Legend tubebuddy account by joining a tubebuddy affiliate account for free, but it is not simple as shown in the picture. You will not get a legend premium account as soon as you sign up for the affiliated problem. To be eligible for the program, you have to get people to install a tubebuddy extension on their browser. They don't have to pay. You will only need an extension installation.
  • Complete Survey - Complete survey is another offer where you will get a week free trial to upgrade by simply completing some questions online. This process won't take more than 5 minutes of your life. After that premium account for a week will be yours.
  • Trial with a credit card - Trial with a credit card is another available offer for you to get a premium account. It is just like a Netflix 30 days free trial account. After 30 days, you can cancel your order.

  • Create a video about Tubebuddy - A minimum of 2 minutes long video describing the features of Tubebuddy will reward you with a free Legend account for 2 months. Getting a legend account for 2 months is not a joke. In these 2 months, you can surely grow your youtube channel, and also you can learn a lot about the youtube algorithm, how its works, and so on.
  • Follow tubebuddy on Twitter - This offer might be useful for those who want to try and learn Tubebuddy. You will get a free pro account for 3 days just by following the tubebuddy account on Twitter.
  • Tweet about tubebuddy - This is another simple task you can do within a second. Tweet about tubebuddy and get a free upgrade, but its period will depend upon the number of your followers. I had a Twitter account of 1500 followers, and I got 7 days free trial account for free.

Contribute to tubebuddy community forum - You will get a free upgrade according to your tubebuddy forum activity. If you have done 100 posts on the tubebuddy forum, then you will receive one month upgrade for free. Likewise, 6 months for 1000 posts and one year for 5000 posts. The more you get active, the more reward you will get. 

That's all for today. Let me know If you want to learn more about Tubebuddy and its features. I will try my best to reply to your comment as soon as possible. Have a good day.