Online Education Opportunity and Challenges in Nepal

Online Education, virtual classes are not the primary way to share knowledge in our conventional education system. But, the advancement of the technology and circumstances created by the COVID-19 pandemic forced to choose an alternative way to engage students in the learning process. The best option accepted is online education for the distant teaching and learning process. However, this technique is not free from constraints and limitations. It is required to reduces the limitation and resolve challenges and develop it as an effective tool in days to come to improve the quality of learning through online media.

Online Education Opportunity and Challenges in Nepal
Online Education
With lockdown in almost all countries, virtual classes are endorsed to engage students in the process of learning. Similarly, in Nepal as well many educational institutes officially introduced this technique to teaching and learning procedure. Although all the students couldn't participate in the virtual class due to various constraints. The main reason behind this is most people don't have access to a smooth internet connection on the other hand this is the hardest time ever for people especially of the middle class and lower economic class families who had lost their income source. In this situation, they couldn't afford virtual classes as they couldn't pay extra for internet service.

As all students don't have access to a quality internet connection for their virtual classes thus, couldn't attend smoothly. In addition to that many teachers are not well trained in conducting such types of the virtual class. Most of the educational institutions are experiencing such types of events for the first time. So, they haven't prepared for alternative ways of learning using online platforms. Many teachers are not well trained in conducting virtual classes. Mostly seems unfamiliar with the technology. This has limited the teaching capacity of the teacher. S/he couldn't give to their capacity.

Since the pandemic is not going to end soon and still classes needed to run virtually some action needs to be taken to make virtual classes more effective and organize with efficiency in the days to come. The educational institution is using different platforms like Zoom meetings, Teams, Google Meet, etc for face-to-face interaction via internet for their online classes. So, it is needed to know which platform is most suitable knowing the cons and pros of each application. It is required to make sure that students have access to those facilities. If the students couldn't off their own then the institute should support providing devices to ease their learning process. Make internet access available to the student if possible at their home if not in an area nearby where they could access. Substituting, discount from an internet service provider to the student in collaboration with an education institution is possible. Reducing student charge during the pandemic period as well helps students afford an online virtual class. 

Online Education would accessible and successful only when every student has their own smartphone and a smooth internet connection to their home.  Developing smartphone and internet connection as educational tools and make them accessible to each student as country-level planning can help. This is not possible in the coming few days, it takes lots of resources and time.