e-Shikshya Package by NTC for online study

 e-Shikshya Pack is an offer that is helpful to the students and teacher to participate in academic activities like virtual class during the situation of Corona Virus Pandemic.

This offer is provided to academic institutions only all over Nepal. This packaged is a highly subsidized large Data pack that operated in all networks (2G/3G/4G).

The available offers under e-Shikshya Package are:

  • 6 GB Data @ Rs. 260: [ 3 GB for all time + 3 GB for (5 am - 5 pm)]
  • 15 GB Data @ Rs. 500 [9 GB for all time + 6 GB for (5 am - 5 pm)]
  • These packages validate upto 28 days.
  • These include the cost with TSC and VAT inclusive.
e-Shikshya Package by NTC for online study
e-Shikshya Package

All the students and teachers having NTC mobile numbers would able to enjoy this offer. 

How to start the e-Shikshya Package?

  1. Prepare an official request from a School, College, or University any academic institution with the list of students or academic staff (Name and mobile number).
  2. Sent the soft copy of the request and list in word or excel file from the authorized staff to the mail of NTC. Mail to: [email protected]
  3. Use institutional official mail for the request if possible.
  4. When your number allowed to receive the package or eligible for the package after approval from Nepal Telecom then, you would receive a notification message from 1422.
  5. You can subscribe to the package from your mobile balance like any other NT packages. 
  6. For that, you have to dial *1441# in your keypad and select one of the above-given packages that you required.
  7. You can subscribe to the package more than once a month when the package used up before the package expired. 
  8. To check the remaining volume of your package you can query dialling *1415*55#  or use Nepal Telecom App.
  9. For more details about the package, you can view package details in Nepal Telecom App from the Android or iOS store.