Cloud Service Provide in Nepal

Cloud Service Provide in Nepal
Cloud Service Provider
Hello there, in this post we are going to talk about Cloud service providers in Nepal. You probably think there are not many of those services here in Nepal, but actually, we got lots of them. There are those with data centers within Nepal and those who simply sell the services from Internationals cloud services.

I love creating simple applications and exposing them to the public on the internet. I used to use services from Alibaba Cloud and Microsoft Azure. This time, I decided to give try some of the services within Nepal. During the process, I amazed at some parts, while disappointed in some others.

The listing order of the services is not on any specific qualifications. 


I have known Cloudlaya, through LinkedIn. They used to post lots of mems about deployment and DevOps. Cloud layer provides AWS servers as cloud services. Since they are providing AWS services, there is not much to compare the servers, after all, they are servers from AWS. If you had worked with AWS, the initial setup here seems simple provide server name, name server prefix, root password and ssh key (optional) boom, you created the server.

Now process for the payment, you can make payment with most of all the services that are available in Nepal. But wait your server is not yet ready for use the status is pending. I had proceeded during the night (10pm) that probably the case.

Access World 

I get to know Access World some 5 years back, they were probably starting back then. Access World had offered free cloud storage up to some GB for a year. Had created account once, had not looked back, now its time to check it again.

Data Hub

Data Hub is probably the first Datacenter in Nepal. They are providing cloud service since 2017. I have known a few businesses and developers using these services, they are kinda happy and suggested using this instead of AWS. Let's test now.


Dataspace provides the data-center facility, provides space for hosting your own server and virtual servers. It is not owned by a single provider rather has fiber optical connection from multiple providers and aims to provide the best way to connect to multiple providers. Many service providers choose to co-locate their Point of Presence (POPs) in the facility.