Best 10 Online Study Sites for School Students in Nepal

Many online sites for online study are growing in Nepal. Few years, back we can't think of this level of technological progress. We used to assume that the future education system would be done from a distance. Teachers in different environments and students on their own. But, the future arrived far before we assume it would arrive in the distant future. The world is going digital and with the technological advancement, Nepal is as well taking a leap towards technological advancement. This technological advancement can be observed frequently in different sectors. In the race of digital education; Nepal has recently participated. We would be discussed on different sites those offering online study programs for school children to college students. 

Reasons behind Increasing Online Study Platform

Best Online Study Sites in Nepal
Virtual/Online Learning    
The year 2020 is the year affected by the Pandemic coronavirus and it still affecting day to day life of the public. People have to maintain distance as much as possible and don't get out of home unless it's important to work in the city or public area. Much longer period children deprived of education. Slowly, parents and teaching staff felt the necessity to apply alternative ways to teach children. Some schools especially private schools in city areas take online classes to their student using different social media, Facebook, later on, zoom meeting apps, google meet, teams of Microsoft, Google class, etc were used based on necessity, availability, and accessibility. This all doesn't equally fruitful due to several reason like fluctuating power supply, not uniform internet connectivity, etc. Different developers from different corners of the country felt the need for more consistent, rigid types of platforms to teach students. There are few Sites offering online study before pandemic as well but the demand is so high for the qualitative content and high effective sites for the services new sites begin to appears in the market. 

List of Online Study Sites based in Nepal

Online Education Nepal: 

It's a web-based e-learning platform in their word that aims to provide easily accessible digital technology education to the larger public by making educational resources available to them. It's effective for native students in Nepal as content prepared in the native language. This helps out to access technological education to the fingertips of the large public. Online education Nepal comes up with several educational resources. Visual aid with video lessons helps to gain hands-on experience. For more details about the institute go to its sites click here.

Nepal Online Study: 

The office of this organization is based on This is the site that provides resources for offline education through providing series of pre-recorded offline educational video lessons and live online classes for doubt. Once the resources downloaded, students should not have to worry about the internet connection while taking classes. You can learn at your own pace through a computer or a smartphone. Since you can keep recorded class notes in your local storage device you can access them through any device. For more details go through its webpage.

Nepal Online School: 

Nepal online school initiated with the aim to impart quality education and practical skills and professional fluency to inspire a tech with yoga and meditation. It is diligently working to induce a new generation with skill in their hand, creativity in their mind, the country in heart, and god in the soul. Nepal ONline School (NOS) is a non-profit organization established in 2018 with the purpose to establish moral values based on Kwteshwor, Kathmandu, Nepal. It gives online courses for the student from grade I to 12 and provides computer skills. For details go to its homepage.

Mero School:

Mero School an online learning app that provides online video classes to the student from grade 8 to bachelors. This online study platform also provides courses for foreign language classes. It has the aim to support for the better learning and understanding of the courses to students, support for transforming teaching with technology and quality distance education, rigorous online learning opportunities that help to achieve the knowledge required for their courses. To get more details about the platform visit its homepage link.

Hamro School: 

This site is specific to Nepal Language (Newari Language).

Mero Gurukul: 

It is an android-based studying app. You can download this app on your smart device and use it. This app mainly targets Pre-school and primary school students. This apps is helpful to parents who want to make learning easier for their children through using smart devices. You can go and check its home page to log in and see more details to take its services or you can download the Hamro school app for your kids through this link.

My Second Teacher

mySecondTeacher is an eLearning technology company that was awarded the Top eLearning Technology Companies in Asia-Pacific Region (APAC) 2020 Award by Education Technologies Insights magazine. Thus, it's worth trying out how effective you get to this online study platform. The video content provided is based on dialogue between teacher and student and thus while learning you'd be able to relate to both teacher and student while learning at your own natural pace. The response from the student in the content is analyzed and carry on that conversation in class, discussion with the second teacher can be possible directly via an online platform. For details see on its webpage.

Midas ecademy

It's a digital academy to provide a classroom-like digital setup that includes all learning and teaching materials along with stand-by teachers needed for a student to accomplish his/her academic goal. Studying on this platform equally effective as studied in the classroom not less than that according to them. If not understood while learning teachers would available live when any student is in need. It's the study based on the syllabus of respective course and classes, the student can access and revise numerous times until not through it. It also can provide special exam preparation classes, tests, etc. Regular feedback and guidance for students support help in learning and student can learn at their own pace are its characteristics. Available courses are from Pre-school level to higher study of some specific topic. To know more about the platform go to its homepage.


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