Memorize entire Nepali Calender in 10 minutes

Day and Dates are important aspects of our life. Our routine and entire lifestyle depend on the plan and work we perform on certain dates. The festivals we enjoy fall on certain dates also, public holidays, events, come on certain dates. So, without a proper calendar, our whole life would be miserable. We often look at calendars on the daily basis to know different events, even our own birthday. It seems impossible to know which day falls in the exact date of the given year. Today, we are sharing the trick of knowing the day of any date of the one-year Nepali calendar (Say 2078).

Memorize entire Nepali Calender in 10 minutes
Nepali calender 2077, Bhadra

Nepali calendar which is one of the most unique calendars in the world is ahead of the English calendar (Anno Domini, A.D.) by 57 years. Nepali calendar is based on Bikram Sambat which is only the officially recognized calendar in Nepal's administration system. It has 12 months starting from Baisakh ending with Chaitra. 

Here, in this article, we would learn about how to know on which day is the particular date occurs. For example, 'In which day does 25th Bhadra, 2078 occurs?' may be our one curiosity. Then this can be answered without watching the calendar when we get an idea about how to find out a particular day.

In this blog, we will be sharing the magic tricks that will help you to mentally find the day of any date of any month of 2078 BS to know the day of any date, first of all, we should know the month codes. Month codes can be identified by just looking at the calendar and should be memorized accordingly. Just look at the calendar of your home and scroll to a month's section (Eg: Baisakh 2078). If you look closely at the calendar of Baisakh, you will see that there are 2 boxes before Baisakh 1. Those boxes will be the code for that month. Similarly, look at the Falgun section. There is no box before Falgun 1, so the code of Falgun will be zero. 

Here are the respective codes of respective months of 2078 B.S. 

























After accounting the formula/code for each month then, you need to do some simple math calculation to get the answer i.e. the day the date occurs of the respective month. 

So, using the code above we can solve the queries like what we have 25th of Bhadra of the year 2078.

Before that, I like to remind you what the output of the calculation denotes. The output of the calculation would range from 0 – 6 and each number has its own value. 

The values are:

1 – Sunday

2 – Monday

3 – Tuesday

4 – Wednesday

5 – Thursday

6 – Friday

0 – Saturday

These results obtained as a remainder after dividing the sum of the date and month code by 7.

The Formula,

Reminder = (Day) 

From, (date of month 'm' + month code)/7 

Solving our problem using this formula, 

[25 (of Bhadra) + 2 (Month code of Bhadra)]/7 = 27/7 = 3 and remainder 6. 

Remainder 6 means, the day 25th Bhadra is Friday.

Next Example,

Taking a date from Falgun month gives the result easy as its month code is zero and the sum of the date with 0 is the same as the date, which is divided by 7 and we get its day. Let's take the 16th of Falgun of the year 2078. 

Since the month code of Falgun is 0. The sum adding date and month code give date which is divided by 7 and its remainder is the day the date fall.

[16 (of Falgun) + 0 (Month code of Falgun)]/7 = 16/7 = 2 and remainder 2. 

Remainder 2 means, the day 16th Falgun is Monday.

Next one,

Let's take the 13th of Jestha of 2078, a date from Jestha with month code 6.


[13 (of Jestha) + 6 (Month code of Jestha)]/7 = 19/7 = 2 and remainder 5. 

Remainder 5 means, the day 13th Jestha is Thusday.

I hope, you find this post useful to rememeber the whole year based on simple trick. Just you need to rememeber the month code. You can trick your friend and relatives using this idea. When you have this idea you can easily remember the calender of whole year. You can easily answer which day on that particular date of that month. You can layout whole calender having this knowledge of simple code of that year (say 2078 have months code: 36 25 25,13 46 25 for 12 months).


  1. Awesome formula, helpful to calculate day of week instantly.