Starlink a New Emerging Internet Service by SpaceX

A satellite interenet constellation contructed by SpaceX for providing satellite interent access is Starlink Internet. Thousands of small satellite orbiting in low Earth orbit are included in constellation with constant connections with ground transceivers. It is estimated to be a better options in days to come. Initially, it has been started with beta testing in remote and underserved area of the world. It's aim at providing low latency, bradband internet system to meet the needs of the consumers across the globe. It would serve providing fast, affordable and reliable internet services.

Starlink a new emerging internet Service by SpaceX
Constellation of mini-satellite for Starlink Internet by SpaceX

SpaceX Starlink Internet

Starlink, a part of Elon Musk's plan to create a space-based internet. In October 2020 the company began a public beta program of Starlink with a service charge of $99 per month. In addition to that $499 to order a Starlink kit that includes a WiFi router or a dish and user terminal to connect to the satellite. The vision of Starlink is to promote more affordable satellite internet, however, the current price isn't cheaper. Some rural families in texas would enjoy Starlink internet for free in early 2021 to 45 and later on to 90 families.

This being an ambitious project idea to raise funds for Mars Mission. They claim to offer internet speed to around 1Gbps (not bad 10x 4G LTE -100Mbps), but very low compared to 5G. For now, the expected internet speed of this internet is between 50 Mb/s to 150 Mb/s and latency from 20 ms to 40 ms and maybe for a brief period no connectivity at all and this last next several months. No data caps "at this time" as mentioned by the Starlink team. In early tests, Starlink satellite internet shows speed capable to play online video games and streaming movies. Starlink's speed is a huge jump over the existing satellite system but it'll cost you for now.

Starlink would make 5G more affordable, 5G use the present satellite networks to reduce ping in the presence of Starlink otherwise could not due to higher ping. Starlink and 5G help each other and thus Starlink might reinforce 5G and vice versa. Starlink is an interconnected network of about 12,000 small satellites revolving around in low Earth orbit. However, critics say, the active satellite orbiting around Earth close to 5,000 and adding a massive fleet of mini-satellite might increase the possibility of "space" accidents resulting in debris falling into Earth.

Starlink Available in my Area

Starlink would not replace towers in the ground but replace the need for access to ISP in-ground thus, it can go anywhere where towers currently can't go. So, it increases its own ground-based towers directly accessing satellite internet from space. 900 Starlink satellites are beaming the internet down to Earth in its beta program. And the internet speed is faster than 95% of US connections. Even in bad weather the terminal automatically adjusts to stay connected with the satellite and can withstand 175 mph winds to provide rapid internet speeds.

Who is the founder of Starlink?
Binod Chaudary
Mukesh Ambani
Evan Misner
Elon Musk