How to improve productivity using OneNote in Windows?

OneNote is a digital notebook that automatically backed up in Microsoft Office 365 Cloud and can be accessed from every device PC or android smartphones including Mac and iPhone by login through Microsoft Account. Also, multiple users can real-time collaborate together in a single working document. Multiple pages and multiple sections/headings can be created based on requisites. Sharing a single link among co-workers, colleagues can work to access multiple pages and sections at once. It reduces the conflict among users working on the document as it clearly indicates where another colleague is editing in real-time. Also, each version copy can be accessed on saving. 

Why OneNote so unique?

OneNote incorporates multiple features to ease the work. Literally, you can do anything to make group work more efficient. 

  • One can take a quick note, 
  • Create a to-do list, 
  • Record audio, 
  • Record video, 
  • Attached other associated documents, 
  • Take screen clip,
  • Draw Sketch, a picture for illustration using different colors.
  • Insert Image, Table, SpreadSheet, Equation, Symbols, etc, and many more.
  • In the History section, view each version of changes.
  • In the view section, different view page options available including rule line and grid format.
How to start with OneNote??
Install OneNote Application on your device if already not installed. Open the application. If you are not already login to OneNote you can login using Microsoft account. If you don't have one create a Microsoft account. When you have done all these you would see the home page of OneNote. You can create multiple Notebook in any numbers. While sharing the notebook in OneNote one can be shared with one group and anothers to others. It would allow to work with multiple groups on the same platform. This feature is pretty handy to the students and job holders who are assigned with different task among different group members. 

How to make teamwork ease using OneNote??
Teamwork where multiple member needed to work together to develop a common document, needs contribution of more people, required contribution from multiple people or at least required a frequent feedback in the procedure of team work and to verify each documents, working schedule, or anything would be ease when OneNote is used to connect among team members in real-time collaboration. 

For that, you have to share the edit or view link to colleagues and gets feedback from them to get a fruitful document or outcome out of it. It helps them involve to create a common document or binds the members together for their common goals with lots of discussions even they are away from institution/working station.

How to create Sharable link in OneNote??
When you have created a Notebook in OneNote and want to share that Notebook with your working team than you have to follow the simple procedure. There are two kind of shareable link you can create based on your need. They are edit link and view link. The user who is set to can edit while adding his/her email in the Notebook can make changes to the document while the user set to view only while adding his/her email in the Notebook can only view the document but can't make changes to the document. This procedure can be applicable when you have email of your team members. This wouldn't allow outsider to get into the document and view and make changes to the document except the email you have shared the document.
  • To share to the particular user/email click on Share (on the right top corner/ File - Share based on OneNote version) and add colleagues email and mention can edit/ can view and click on Share Button.
  • To share to the any user who accessed the shareable link you can generate two type of link. Those who get editable link can make change to the document while those who get view only link can only view the document but can't make changes to the document that is based on whether the link is generated for editable or view only.