Alibaba Cloud for Students - Get Student Discounts

 If you are a student interested in cloud computing, I have exciting news to share with you. In this article, we will get to know about Alibaba Cloud and its benefits for students.

Alibaba Cloud is a cloud computing company from China, it's a subsidiary company of Alibaba Group. Alibaba Cloud was launched in September 2009. Alibaba Cloud is the first Chinese cloud service provider to pass ISO27001:2005 (Information Security Management System).

Alibaba Cloud for Students

Alibaba Cloud for Students is a campaign to provide students with opportunities to learn and grow in the field of Cloud computing. With Alibaba Cloud for Students, Students from different colleges and universities of countries around the world can join and get the benefits. A list of countries eligible for the offers is included on the service page, which includes most of the countries around the world.

Alibaba Cloud for Students - Free Cloud Server

To join the program you need to simply follow 3 steps:
  1. Sign up with Alibaba Cloud for free
  2. Complete the process to get verified as a student
  3. And get the benefits
Let me remind you no credit card information needs to be provided in order to get the student discounts.

Joining Alibaba Cloud for Students

The best thing about Alibaba Cloud for Students is that your account is verified in a matter of minutes, At least, it got verified in some minutes for me and my friend as well.

To join the program, first, visit Alibaba Cloud for Students. Then click on the Join Now button, then it will lead you to the How to join section. Click on Create an Account.

Fill in your details accept the agreement and click confirm. Now you need to verify your account with either your mail or phone, Enter your mail or number and click send, Once the code is received either on mail or SMS enter it on the verification code section and Click Verify.

Now You need to select your account type, For Student discounts you need to pick Individual Account as the account type. Then provide your billing address, verify your phone number and Submit.

Student Verification

Now, its time to verify you as a student, To verify your status as a student, Enter your first name, last name, email address, select your country. Now select your College in Academic Institution. If you cannot find your college select your University. Then provide your Date of Birth.

Documents Needed

You need to upload a school-issued document as a verification document, The most common document is your college ID card, take a perfect picture of your card, and upload it.

Check your mail, you may have got the mail asking to upload the document, Please click Upload Document there too, it may verify your mail as well as may ask for an additional document as required.
Now your account is in process, I don't know if they implement some automation for verification or just accepts any requests they got. Your account will be verified in some minutes. Let me inform you that they have very fast and responsive customer support.

Once your account is verified you will get the mail informing that you passed the student verification process. In the meantime, you can check your status here.

Now you can get the benefits of the Service.

Alibaba Cloud For Students - Student Status Verified

Alibaba Cloud for Students Benefits

Let's talk about some benefits of joining this program.
  1. Free Cloud Server [1 Core CPU, 1GB Memory, 40GB Ultra Disk] [$139.68]
  2. 10 Clouder certification courses [originally priced at $10 each]
There are over 100 Clouder certification courses available, you can pick any ten to learn. Some hot courses suggested are:
  • Operate and Manage a Cloud Server
  • Internetworking with VPC
  • Introduction to ApsaraDB for MongoDB
  • An Introduction of DevOps
  • How to Migrate Data to Big Data Platform on the Cloud
  • Riding Analysis of Shared Bicycles
  • Data Visualization Using Python
  • Malicious Code Mechanism Deep Dive
  • Cloud Platform Security Overview
  • Use Anti-DDoS Basic and Pro to Defend DoS Attack
Once you gained some certificates you can join Community Influencer, where you share your knowledge and get rewarded.


Alibaba Cloud provides some services dedicated to students for their learning and growth in cloud computing. With faster verification processed and no credit card information required, all the students interested in cloud computing can get benefited from the Alibaba Cloud For Students. Thanks!