Register Ncell Ecare Call Details, Free SMS

Hello there, Ncell is one of the largest private telecommunication in Nepal. Ncell provides lots of services to its customers, today we are here with a Ncell Ecare. Actually, they call it Ncell Self-Care. With Ncell Ecare you can manage your Account details, Call History, Call Details, Free SMS, Purchase Packs, Active Pack details, Realtime Usage and lot more. Today we will look overall about Ncell Ecare and guide you through Registration and using the features available.
Ncell Ecare Login / Register Page

Ncell Ecare / Ncell Self-Care

Ncell Ecare is a service provided by Ncell. With this service you can get all the required information about your SIM card online, you can analyse your account activities and find call histories. With Ncell Ecare you can Recharge, Transfer Balance or take Loan even Gift to friends.
Ncell Ecare is a service from where you can access your details just by login to your account.  You can check every detail on your sim card. It is an Online Service that provides every log of your Sim Card. You can check all the account history here. You can create your Ncell Ecare account Right away.

History of Ncell Ecare

On 12 March 2010 Telia Sonera bought Mero Mobile and re-branded it to Ncell. Then Ncell provides lots of features and increases coverage all over. It was when Ncell Ecare Started (no actual date). Back then it was really hard to register, you need to submit your identification, The UI was not much flexible and user-friendly. Even the accessing URL was not that beautiful :(. It was something like, yes with a port number.
On 12 April 2016, Ncell has become a part of Axiata. Then the Ncell Ecare Updated, Named as Ncell SelfCare or Customer SelfCare.

Register With Ncell Ecare

First, you need to register to Ncell Ecare to get all those services for your SIM card. You can register your SIM with your mobile number. First, visit Once you visit that page you will get the page as shown in the Featured Image. Click in Register Your Account.
Ncell Ecare Register Your Account
Now Fill your Mobile Number and Click in Get next to OTP. OTP is One Time Password, Once you click there, you will get an SMS from Ncell with a code. Enter that code in that Field. Enter Password and Enter the same password again to confirm you remember it. Don't forget to tick the I accept Terms and Conditions. That's it. You are registered to Ncell Ecare. Now you can log in to Ncell Ecare and start using the services.

Log In to Ncell Ecare

To Login to Ncell Ecare follow this link You will be in the login page.
Ncell Ecare Login With Password

Enter your mobile no and password and click Login. Don't forget to tick the I accept Terms and Conditions. You Forget the password? :( no worries, you can click the forget password or click in Login with OTP. OTP is once Time password you will get that OTP code as SMS. To get OTP Enter your mobile no and click in Get next to OTP.

Welcome to Ncell Ecare

Once you Login to Ncell Ecare, you will get this welcome page wait.. its Overview of your Online Ncell Ecare account.
Ncell Ecare Overview
As you see, there are lots of options, There are some mini options within those options on the left side of the page. You can Purchase Packs, Common Services include recharge, transfer, Call Detail, Loan, Free SMS. The query includes Recent Transaction, Order History, Payment History. Account Management includes SIM blocking or restoring, PIN and PUK code. Your Information page and Settings to change password.

Free SMS to Ncell With Ncell Ecare

Now, How to send Free SMS from Ncell Ecare, If you jump to this section directly, First you need to have Ncell Ecare Account. Login to you Ncell Ecare. You can send 10 SMS for Free Daily using Ncell Ecare. Once you Login Click to Common Services and Send Free SMS.
Send Free SMS to Ncell With Ncell Ecare
You can input multiple mobile numbers with separator ‘,’.You can send free SMS to Ncell numbers only. After free SMS is used, you will be charged. The available Free SMS is indicated in the Free SMS for today in Ncell.
To send SMS, Enter Mobile number, Enter SMS contents only 160 characters. and In Deadline Field you can pick a date and time when to send. Select Now if you want to send it right now.

Find Call Details of Ncell With Ncell Ecare

Do you need to find call Details of your SIM? Can we? Yes, you can with Ncell Ecare, you can find the call details of last 12 months history. You can download the call details for free 5 times a day.
To get Call Details, you need to have Ncell Ecare account. If you don't have you can create it right away. If you have Ncell Ecare Account Login.
Now Click in Common Services and click Call Details.
You will be asked to Enter OTP code, Its a code which will be sent to you by Ncell. Click in GET OTP to get the SMS. Then enter the code and click Next.
Last 12 Months Call Details Ncell Ecare
For me I cannot select Starting date before 20 Ashoj 2076, I have no idea if its only for me or same for all.
You can select Service Type, Starting date and End Date then click in Query. You can download the History using the Download button. It will be in .xls format.

What are the information available on the Call Details? You will get Then columns:
Calling Nbr Called Nbr Service Type Event IN/OUT Begin Time End Time Country Name Measure Value Measure Unit Before Balance After Balance Total Fee Payment Type Balance Type
Here is the Image
Call Details with all the Columns


Ncell Ecare is accessible through customer subdomain in Ncell Old link redirects to https ecare ncell axiata com 9443 nser. With Ncell Ecare you can access lots of details about your SIM card and mobile no. You can find Call Details, Activities and send Free SMS with Ncell Ecare. Enjoy Ncell Ecare. See ya!