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Nepal is a developing country, many of the people are below the poverty level, Thus Scholarships are the source for the students to make a better career. In Nepal, different educational institutes provide scholarship to support the candidates and reach their goals. Scholarships for a different level of education are available but here we will look about Scholarship in Nepal for Bachelor level.
Fee for education for higher studies is increasing day by day. It could not be possible for some people to get higher education without the support of the Government or any other form of financial aid. Today, here we try to list out all the scholarships available for Bachelor program within Nepal.

Scholarships for Engineering

Engineering is one of the popular bachelor programs in Nepal. Scope of engineering is increasing with the different development activities going on within Nepal. With the increase of popularity and demand for Engineering, there are various universities providing engineering program in Nepal.

IOF Tribhuvan University

Engineering Program of Tribhuvan University is under Institute of Engineering (IOE). There are different no. of seats for different Engineering Program. To apply for IOE Engineering Scholarship you need to Fill up the IOE Entrance Application. The entrance exam will be the same for Paying and Regular (Scholarship) Candidates.

Program Scholarship Seats
Civil 192
Architecture 48
Electrical 48
Electronics and Communication 60
Mechanical 60
Computer 48
Agriculture 12
Industrial 12
Geomatics 24

Pokhara University

Pokhara University provides Scholarship for the different Engineering program. Pokhara University provides scholarships to 10 percent of approved quota of students in affiliated Colleges and 20 percent in constituent schools. Scholarship on Pokhara University. Here are List of Programs and Scholarships. Unlike IOF, there is a separate exam for Scholarship and paying program.

S.N.ProgramScholarship Quota

Kathmandu University

KU provides various scholarships to students. There are different scholarship program for different programs. For Engineering for every 30 fee-paying students, ONE student will be admitted on a full or partial scholarship. The scholarship is provided for first-year and to continue getting the scholarship students should maintain a minimum total of 3.0 GPA. Also, there is KU Load Scholarship.

Purbanchal University

Purbanchal University provide scholarship just as Pokhara university. Total of 10% seats are reserved for scholarship students. The selection process of Scholarship is 5% for Open candidates and 5% for reserved candidates.

Scholarship for Management

For Tribhuvan University Every campus/college can admit 32 students among them 2 students should be provided with 50% scholarship. The selection should be based on the merit list.
For Pokhara University it's clear just as Engineering program, 10 percent of approved quota of students in affiliated Colleges and 20 percent in constituent schools.
S.N.ProgramScholarship Quota

Scholarship for Health Science

Pokhara University provides a Scholarship program for the Health Science program. Here is the quota distribution.
S.N.ProgramScholarship Quota
1B Pharm19
2B Sc MLT19
Institute of Medicine (IOM) provides about 45 MBBS, 10 BSc.Nursing scholarship in paramedical courses in Nepal. General Category: 36 seats Underprivileged Group Scholarships (Reserved): 9 Seats
Ministry of Education (MOE) provides about 250 MBBS Scholarships (55% General and 45% Reserved quota) and about 40 BDS (55% General and 45% Reserved quota) in different Medical and Dental colleges in Nepal and abroad.
BP Koirala Institute of Health Sciences (BPKIHS) provided about 29 MBBS scholarships. For BDS program Scholarship seats are about 8.
Patan Academy of Health Sciences (PAHS) provided about 10 MBBS Full Scholarships and 16 partial Scholarships.

Scholarship for Humanities

Pokhara University Provides scholarship for Bachelor of Development Studies (BDEVS) = 14 and for Bachelor of English & Communication Studies (BECS) = 9 Which makes total of 23 seats.
This much? We are sorry we could not find more information, when we get we will update.

Scholarship for Other Program

Pokhara University provides scholarship on every program taught on the university. Pokhara university provides 61 programs (including masters and PhD.) and a total of 1111 scholarship every academic year.

Other Scholarship in Nepal

Indian Embassy, Bangladesh Embassy, Japanese Embassy and many other provides scholarship in Nepal and aboard. Ministry of Education often publish Notices on Scholarship follow this link to go to the scholarship notice page


Education is being expensive day by day. Also there are numbers of scholarship available to support people who cannot pay by themselves. Here we list out some of the scholarship within Nepal. We know there are lot more still missed in this list. While searching for scholarship there are no information even on the official sites.
We spent the entire day to search and compile this list. If you are aware of some other scholarship please inform us. Here is Scholarship in Nepal for Bachelor we will prepare a list of other levels too. Have a good day.

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