How Community Forest Enterprise can function effectively?

CFEs is one of the meaningful pathways for the alleviation of poverty of forest-dependent communities utilizing forest products from the community forest, local creativity, and entrepreneurship through the activities of community people. Forest resources have the potential to create economic opportunities at the local level and to strengthen resource conservation. The policy and attention are given to focus this activity utilizing forest products from the community forest. Many reformations have been made in the last few decades but still, there are lots of to reform for the betterment of the users involving in the enterprises in the community forest. Many new problems are arising with the change of market structure and demand and development of advanced technology. To overcome the competition faced by the enterprises with the development of advanced technology user also need to familiar to catch up the trend and need to reduce production cost to compete with other reveal products in the market.  Thus, from the study of three CFEs, it was found that some changes are needed to make based on the barrier each of the enterprises is facing.
Each enterprise has its own constraints and limitations that may due to geography, remoteness, traditional technology, locally inappropriate managerial procedure, and many more.

Functional on Annual Basis

The studied enterprises all were found to be operated seasonally that means they can’t run throughout the year. So, the dependent community can’t fully dependent on these enterprises. Thus, people get less interested in involving in enterprises in this sense. All the member involve have their own household works and they have to do all and look after their other economical sources to make their living. So, first of all, the enterprise should be made that operate the whole year. For that support should be provided by the authorized agency to collect raw materials required for the whole year or add up another diverse type of enterprise product to reduce dependency on single raw materials available in single season. This help to inspire locals and involve with full comfort. Among these enterprises, users found in allo enterprise keep them involved in allo thread weaving comparatively more time compare to other, in Lapsi enterprise they involve during available of lapsi that hardly last for four months and that only some days while in bel enterprise user involve during harvesting, processing, filling and packing of the final product. 

Facilities of the market for local products 

Availability of the market should be insured by any means. Encouraging locals and poor community in forest-based enterprises but not ensuring the market for the local production was the challenges faced by the members involved in it. No any clear provision to buy qualitative enterprise produce by the enterprises discourage enterprises to produce products in large quantity. Although there is market for these products, they are not well managed. The competition between similar products, distribution mechanisms of the products and lack of knowledge to the consumers the quality products creating troubles for local products. So, all the works from taking responsibility to buy quality enterprise product and promote and distribution responsibility should be done by an authorized agency so that it really contributes to the poor who involve in the enterprises after selling out their goods to market. The policies that encourage the use of local products, promotion, make aware the benefits of the goods, distribution, and knowledge to identify the original good should be provided and take responsibility.

Initiative in the establishment of forest-based enterprises in community forest.

The incentive to the user involving in the enterprises is required most to increase people participation of people in the enterprise's activities that helped to uplift their socio-economic condition. Since, a forest-based enterprise in community forest is targeted to socially and economically backward poor communities thus, to bring up the government should provide some sorts of incentives in the establishment of the enterprise so that they can make their living from the enterprises. During the establishment phase, it requires a large sum of investment for the economically weak communities. Government officials should take their initiative for establishing enterprise in the backward communities to overcome their troubles through providing them a sustainable source for making their living.

Training and educate users in managerial and enterprise processing technique

The general population in the rural area are unaware of managerial and other various techniques requires to operate the enterprises. Thus, they need to train first and give them lots of information and knowledge about the ways how people can take benefits, the responsibility they need to fulfill, the contribution they can make to improve enterprise activities in more competitive and effective ways. The necessary guide should be given and experience sharing should be encouraged thus, new members involving in the enterprise would be aware of how to do processing, marketing, recording transactions and supports, coordinating with other agencies, etc.

Use of advanced technology

The 21st Century markets are always competitive either that is due to similar products produce or substitutional products available in the market and are available in low price. The product price is low when their production cost is reduced. When the enterprise products are produced in less amount the production cost per each quantity is higher so, increasing no. of enterprise would help to reduce expenses made on each of the enterprises. Traditional methods of harvesting, transporting, processing and packing in each step if advanced technology is used then that would be cheaper in long run for comparatively larger enterprises.