How to deliver your research paper?

Delivering presentation at academic seminar is also one of the important part of the research. However, we have to be careful about couple of things to make the presentation seem better. To be an effective presenter, one should be energetic, enthusiastic and passionate about it.
How to deliver your research paper?

How to deliever research paper effectively?

  1. Preparation and practice is the key to delivering the effective presentation.Prepare delivering your presentation content beforehand in front of friends, family to make the final one run smooth.
  2. Presentation software are another key aspect. Almost every individual uses this type of software packages nowadays. Choosing the right tools available for right information is essential. 
  3.  The content should be slightly different than the journal article as it is to be presented before the audience and grab their attention and make them understand. The paper should be structured in a clear, concise and coherent way depicting clear flow of information.
  4. The presentation should be practiced so that it falls within the limit given. Remember, finishing within the allocated time is also the important aspect.
  5. Introduction should be quick and grabbing the attention of the audience at first is important. This can be done by maintaining eye contact with the audiences.
  6. Throughout the presentation the presenter should be confident, assertive maintaining good posture, gestures and  language.
  7. The voice should also be maintained with volume enough to reach the audience and clear enough to understanding with varying pace and pitch as required. Pause after finishing some lines and whenever required makes the articulation great rather than mere continuous flow of sentences. Use transitions while moving from one slide to the other.
  8. There will be question and answer session after finishing delivering the paper. Answer the questions asked at the end of the session politely and thank for any suggestion given.

These were few of the general things that has to be kept in mind in delivering a effective academic presentation. Hope this helps!