Ghorepani Trek

You may wonder how to get to Ghorepani poon hill trek. Ghorepani lie in western Nepal close to Pokhara in Annapuran Region. If you like to visit to Ghorepani first you neede to travel to Pokhara its about 7 hours drive to Pokhara from Kathmandu or in a flight of 35 minute. The trip starts next day staying in a hotel overnight. From Pokhara you have to go to Nayapool that takes about 2 hours depending upon the vehicle you take. There is main check post after entry for the trek and is also the end part of the trek or sometimes Phedi close to Pokhara.
Ghorepani Trek -- Mountain view from Ghorepani

What to expect from Ghorepani Trek?

Ghorepani Trek is a short and sweet trekking which can be completed in only five days. In the Ghorepani region people of ethnic community of Poon Maga and Gurung live there. They are similar in appearance but different culturally as they have their own language, typical lifestyle and tradition and also have their own cultural dresses. Most of the people in village area are involving in farming producing vegetables and crop. Hinduism and Buddhism mixed religion are found around and are in unity in a community. Actively participate in developing of their area. In Ghandruk region with beautiful village most of the people are Gurung and have Gurung Cultural Museums.

The natual beauties around the trekking route along with cultural variation are most attractive. From Ghorepani with 360 degree view you can see 15 mountains around surrounding you. The maximum highest you can view those mountains will have opportunities at Poon Hill of 3210 m from mean sea level from where visitor take advantage of viewing mountain and sunrise from there. Ghorepani offers family trekking that means young child and anyone age group can participate in the trekking. Ghorepani trek is of mild difficulty level. The natural scenary with the combination with rivers, mountains, green hills, sunrise, colourful rhododendron forest adds pleasure and relaxation in short sweet trek. Trekker tiredness and difficulties goes away once they came across fantastic trekking route. You may encounter with different wild species monkey, dear, various birds during course of trekking in forest. The Ghorepani trek is a wonderful trekking and unforgettable memorize to anyone who visited this place.

What you needed for Ghorepani Trek?

Since, Ghorepani trek is of short duration but as it is done during autumn and winter and the temperature is cold there you need to wear warm clothes like jacket, gloves, sleeping bag, hiking shoes and other commons not like as more than 10 – 15 days. Carry important medicine if you take regular medicine as no suitable health care in mountain difficult to obtain. "Prevention is better than Cure" so prepare before you leave, take first aid box that includes important medicines for headache, fever, stomach problem, diarrhea, cough, bandage, tape and Diamox for high altitude sickness. Have pleanty of rest if you have altitude sickness don't take maximum altitude in short duration you need to stay overnight to familiarize with the environment during trekking high altitude trekking in any part of county. However, this trek is not that much high to the people of mountainous country.