Ghandruk Village

Gandruk is a famous village with big Gurung Community at an elevation of 2010 m from mean sea level in Kaski district of Gandaki Province. It was previously a separate VDC, now it's lies with in Annapurna Rural Municipality accordance with new administrative structure of Nepal. It is in a giant hill.
The major tourism attraction of this destinatin is to experience the heart of vibrant Gurung culture and it's lies in the famous trekking route to Annapurna Base Camp. It is the big first step to Annapurna. It's in northwest of Pokhara and population of more than 2000. Ghandruk Village is located between Lumle and Dangsing which has traditionaly inhabited by Gurung community. Other minority inhabitants are Kami, Damai, Chhetri and Brahmin other than Gurung community in Ghandruk village.
Ghandruk Village
Ghandruk Village

About Ghandruk

The gorge of Modi Khola flowing North to South in between huge mountain range Annapuran and Machhapurchre, where Ghandruk lies towards the western part. The Gandruk panoramic view begins with amongst network of terraced farmland from gorge to the western directing to beautiful slate roofed village houses and rhododendron forest in the furthermost west. Ghandruk faces towards Annapurna South, Himchuli and Macchapuchre from where they can be viewed infront.

The natural beauty of Ghandruk is another important part. The forest surrounding Ghandruk village is rich in biodiversity that includes number of indigenous species of birds & mammals, plants, trees, etc. The largest Rhododendron forest in the world lies in between Ghorepani and Ghandruk villages. During springs when the flowers blooms the spectacular view of forest is interesting. It is also an important site for the bird watcher. Hundreds of species of bird can be observable as Modi Gorge become a suitable habitat to them.

Many people from Gurung community in Ghandruk adjoins British and Indian Gurkhas who may either serving or retired from the service and also involve as war veterans on numerous wars abroad. In the British Army in one single battalion, one particular Gurkha regiment is synonym of Ghandruke regiment.

Late Mingma Sherpa and late Dr. Changra Prasad Gurung played an important role in developing and preserving Gandruk and its way of living through Annapurna Area Conservation Project (ACAP) since 1983 Ghandruk has been home for ACAP. Ghandruk is so attractive with its natural beauty and spiritual beauty which has become the unique Ghandruk characteristics.

The tourist flow in Ghandruk is increasing from many years back and is still increasing. The increasing tourist number flow pattern was disturbed during the period of insurgency. The pattern is recovered again with the political stability.