Route to Chitlang

Chitlang is famous for its greenery all around surrounded by green hills from three side and with peaceful environment, clean and free from crowd and noise, pollution, etc. Being close to city with attractive natural peaceful environment it has been the choice to many people. Beside its natural importance it also have cultural importance. It has traditional connection to our history.
Route to Chitlang -- Organci Village Resort
Chitlang Organic Village Resort

For a short trip away from crowd Chitlang will be the best option. It would not take long time. A short planning and in a short schedule you can made this trip. This is the place near to Kathmandu and easily assessable compare to other hilly attractive tourism destination of Nepal. This trip can be done in low budget and in short time.
Hearing all this about Chitlang you may feel to reach to Chitlang and have willing to spent your certain time there. So, you will get to know about it after few minutes clearly. From where should I start guide you to Chitlang. In my opinion, it would better make sense if I tracked from Kathmandu since it's connected to every people all around Nepal. So, from any main junction of Kathmandu you can reach to Kathmandu Old Buspark (Purano Buspark) or you may use offline maps in your smart phone to find it out.
From the Old Buspark (Purano Buspark) you can ride bus to Thankot specifically to Godam  from where you would directed toward your destination. Godam is the point 15 minute walking distance away from Thankot from where we get separated from Prithvi Highway. You can directly reached out Thankot and begin your jouney towards Godam if you easily reached out nearby there or are travelling from the west in the Prithvi Highway. Get no worry if you don't get vehicle to Godam from Thankot.
When you make to Godam then you need to have about one hour jeep ride to Chitlang village. It's almost you have to wait for about an hour if you are not lucky enough. From Godam you can also get cable car to Bhalewsor (Chandragiri) as well.

Peoples Queries while visiting Chitlang.

  •         You can take your vehicle (specially not during wet season).
  •         If you walk all the way from Thankot that would be real fun and adventures to hikers.
  •          You would enjoy staying in small cottage of Naspati garden in Chitlang organic village resort.  Trout fish and Naspati wine are special dice.
  •          Before meal there would be cultural dances and after meal there is facilities for camping.
  •          Shivalaya, Ashok Chitya and Satdhara are some visiting site of Chitlang.
  •          If you have one more day time you can travel to Khulekhani in 3 hours walking distance through the largest pasture (sheep farming) of Nepal. It would be better if you go hiking.
  •          First Goat cheese factory is there in Chitlang. You can get the taste of goat milk cheese there.
  •          Bike Hire is also available according to the board.
  •          Boating in Markhu can be done if you have time to get there.