Universities of Nepal

Universities are the higher institution that supports for the research and awarded academic courses in various faculties. The history of Nepal's universities are not that long compare to western universities and top universities of the world.

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University for higher study

How many Universities are there in Nepal?

New universities are being establishing in recent years thus the number is definitely increasing years after year. Currently there are 10 Universities in Nepal. Some other are under proposed. Thus this no. of university may vary some years later.

Here are the list of University in order according to their establishment date.

Name of University
1. Tribhuwan University (1959)
2. Nepal Sanskrit University (Mahendra Sanskrit University) (1986)
3. Kathmandu University (1991)
4. Purbanchal University (1993)
5. Pokhara University (1997)
6. Lumbini Bouddha University (2004)
7. Mid-Western University (2010)
8. Agriculture and Forestry University (2010)
9. Far-Western University (2010)
10. Nepal Open University (2016)

Currently, the above mention universities are under existence and new universities may open in coming future.

Among them Tribhuwan University is the first and oldest university of Nepal. And 9th largest university of the world. It is operated under government administration.