ACE Development Bank

Ace development bank was first established in 1995 as Ace Financial Company Ltd.  It is later upgraded to Ace Development Bank Ltd.,  and fulfilled the criteria for category "B" i.e. development bank in 2007. Then, after the bank has been leading in the financial market of Nepal. The bank develops its financial products and innovations. Over years customers and regulators have appreciates it's operational and management skills.
ACE Development Bank- NIBL acquire ACE DB.
NIBL Acquire Ace Development Bank
NIBL and Ace Development Bank sign a memorandum of understanding. Nepal Investment Bank is a class 'A' commercial bank while Ace Development Bank is a class 'B' development bank. NIBL had 46 branches while Ace Development Banks have 12 branches. during the time of merging. After the acquition process these two banks will provide service under the 'Nepal Investment Bank Ltd.'.

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