Cyber Laws in Nepal

The world is growing smaller days by day not physically but by digitally. The computer  and internet is squeezing the world into small village thus we called it as global village. We are now begin to depends on computers and internet for our daily works. We can't get apart from our daily life and this number is rapidly growing. In comparison with the period 11-15 years back there is significant changes in the filed of communication and information technology. These technologies are making our life easier and faster and turns into different dimensions of lifestyle. While, along with the benefits the problems like hacking, intellectual property theft, credit card cloning, privacy issue, bullying, phishing and many more added challenges ahead of us. On this circumstances, to regulates the crime observed among the internet users the government come up with the 'Cyber Laws'.
Cyber Laws in Nepal-- A boy with his laptop
Human rely on computer for day to day works.

Cyber Laws is  the rules and regulations maintained by the states includes variety of issues that may be associate with the internet, communication technology, intellectual property, freedom of expression and jurisdiction. It is prepared to minimised and control the crime associated with work related to the internet world. It is required to maintain and regulates the activities performed in the internet world because the misuse may cause hamper's somebody privacy, increase threat to personal documents, blaming others and spreading fake news which need to be regulated well.

Cyber laws are raising issues associated with the cyberspace. Cyberspace includes the electronic medium of computer network where online communication can take place. Cyber Laws importance is increased day by day. The increasing number of internet users shows that it is the most to regulate. Also, cyberspace includes wide range from computer, computer internet to the internet data software and many more.Unless without any proper cyber laws, rules and regulation it is difficult to maintain all these. Thus, various criteria are found out and various norms and values are raised all around world with increasing access to internet. The internet users should be remain within the terms and regulation of the internet using norms.

It is required to cyber laws with proper norms and values that should follow by an internet users are get compiled as an Act that is an Standard form of Rule and Regulation maintain by the State government. Every nation are building the rules and regulations that remain within their social norms and values.
Cyber laws not only provides security to the intellectual properties but also helps to maintain the users privacy. It is indeed the issues explained to computer and internet users what should be done and what shouldn't be done. Cyber laws helps to create an neutral platform, helps to creates standards models to use which creates well supporting facilities to the citizen for their economic boost.

The more people engage in internet world the more chance of occurring an unpleasant activities would occurs and similarly in the same proportion the criminal and illegal activities would may increase. The internet users are daily increasing day by days and this number is significantly higher in developing countries like ours. It is felt the urgent necessity of Cyber laws to maintain issues and resolve troubles created by the internet and unwise use of it.

Cyber Laws in Nepal 

Different countries in the world have their own cyber laws they may differes from one country to another and different regulating bodies.In our country Nepal it is felt to have an Act to monitor and control unpleasant incidence associate with internet world government of Nepal passed "The Electronic Transaction and Digital Signature Act-Ordinance-ETA" which is recognise as "Cyber Law" on 15th September,2004 and approved by house of representative on  4th December 2006. This Act has 12 sections and 80 clauses on different heading and subheading associated with the issues related to computer network and cyber-crime. This laws helps to bring the cyber criminal under the justice of laws and punished them as other types of crime. According to this act it has said that violating any cyber laws would get punished for a minimum of 6 month to a maximum of 3 years in jail and has to pay from 50 thousands to 300 thousands Nepali Rupees as a penalty.

Cyber laws indeed helps to keep safe and increase the economy of the country through the use of Information Technology. But, it's not been observed so in recent years due lacks of amendment that should be made on the cyber laws thus observed lots of cyber crimes and irregular IT economy of the country. The internet services are changing in a rapid ways and peoples behaviours and amount to use the information is changed thus ETA is insignificant to regulates internet activities with limited rules and regulations. The gaps between the cyber laws and the current internet services is used by the criminal mindset people to escape away from the criteria under the laws. Since, the cyber laws have not address new updates through amendment Nepali citizen are far the the use of IT facilities which have been enjoyed by rest of the world. For explaining limitation of cyber laws we can take an example of not having any reliable and fast online payment system in Nepal because ETA hasn't properly addressing the online payment system.

The challenging aspects of the cyber law is it's implementation. It is because for the proper implementation of the cyber laws people should be aware of these types of laws. Most of the internet users of Nepal uses the internet for entertainment purposes and they don't care about their privacy creates lots of troubles in internet world like using fraud, bullying, spreading unreliable news about someone individuals or group of people are almost common and implementing in this scenario is a difficult task.

Explaining the Cyber Law over and over leads to nowhere. Instead, it is important to implement it properly, it's amendment with the course of time and with the demand of the time, awareness creation among the public and to all general internet users. Cyber laws should always made with vision of creating a safe digital society while digitising one aspect after another of society.