Create Khalti Account and get Rs 30 Free

Kalti is a popular online payment system in Nepal, which was established in 2010 by Janaki Technology. The other products of Janaki Tech are Sparrow SMS and Picovico. Janaki Tech is working in Nepal for 7 years. As a offer now khalti users can get Rs 10 for creating account and Rs 20 for verifying it.

As defined by khalit themselves, Khalti is Digital Wallet & Payment Gateway
Khalti is a digital wallet for instant, secure and hassle-free online payments in Nepal. Recharge your mobiles, pay bills, book tickets wherever you are and whenever you want.

Get Rs 10 For creating Khalti Account

Every new khalti user would get rs 10 as a welcome bonus. You can create a khalti account and get rs 10 as soon as you login for the first time. You can use it to Recharge your phone and for all other services provided by Khalti. Please follow Create you Khalti Account to create Khalti Account.

Get Rs 20 For verifying Khalti Account

Whenever you verify your khalti account you can get RS 20. You can verify your khalti account with some steps.
First Create you Khalti Account Then Login to Khalti. Then Click in KYC from the side menu. Now fill the form and Click Update You need to provide Identity information which could be Citizenship / Driving License or Passport.

The links provided here gives RS 10 to you and me too. If you login without this referal link you wont get even that 30 rs for Khalti Welcome bonus and Khalti verification.

Please Follow our Article Create and Verify Khalti account. Here is a total guide to create Khalti Account.

Services Provided by Khalti

Khalti is a Digital wllate you can pay for many services like Internet, Recharge, Disk home , Mobile top UP and more services. Khalti is also extendong its services. 
Create Khalti Account and get Rs 30 Free Service by Khalti
Khalti Provide Services for online payment for Internet billing, Mobile top up Recharge Card Disk Home payment Khanepani Bill and more.


You can now create your own Khalti Account and get Rs.10/- as a welcome bonus. And Rs. 20/- whenever you verify your Khalti Account. Khalti is a digital wallet used to pay digitally.


  1. Thank you! :) Khalti Account Verify kati din ma huncha?

    1. Khalti Account can be Verified Instantly Suman!